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It’s the fastest Focus RS yet – but how fast is fast?

2015 ford focus

FRANKFURT AUTO SHOW, Germany – Ford Germany says its upcoming, all-new, Focus RS will sprint to 100km/h in 4.7sec, making this the Blue Oval’s latest hot car the fastest-launching RS model yet.

Let’s check the competition, according to Wheels24…

Audi RS3 – 4.3sec

Porsche Boxster GTS – 5.0sec

VW Golf R – 5.2sec

Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy – 6.0sec

The car was developed by Ford Performance engineers in Europe and the US and as the third generation of Focus RS cars (previous 2002 and 2009).

The car has just (Sept 2015) been launched at the Frankfurt auto show.

Once the rubber smoke has cleared the RS, Ford says, can howl on to a standard top speed of 265km/h – way beating the until recent times automakers’ agreement of 250km/h as an upper limit. What the tuners will do to it… hell, bring it on!

focus 1

Behind all the action is only a 2.3-litre engine – but it’s an Ecoboost unit that puts out 262kW through – for the first time on an RS – “torque vectoring” all-wheel drive. Heck, why drag your rear wheels around when they can actually be doing something (very) useful!


The car is already available in right-hand drive in the UK but – at the current Monopoly Money value of the rand – you could be looking at more than R600 000 in South African showrooms.

Ford says the AWD will mean “outstanding traction and grip with unmatched agility and cornering speed”.

Also launched at what is probably the world’s biggest-and-best auto show is the all-new Ford GT ultra-high-performance supercar (also scheduled for South Africa), Focus ST wagon and five-door models, and the multi-award-winning Fiesta ST.

focus 2

Jürgen Gagstatter, chief programme engineer for the Focus RS, said at the show: “The all-new Focus RS delivers stunning performance and innovative technology at a price that will make Ford customers – and premium automakers – look twice.

“After experiencing the acceleration and cornering capability of the Focus RS drivers will question the sense in spending (the equivalent of) R200 000 more for a premium competitor.”


A performance shift light in the instrument cluster alerts the driver when approaching the optimum upshift point of 5,900rpm and flashes if the engine hits the limit of 6800rpm. Nothing new there, then…

The AWD electronics monitor information from a number of sensors 100 times/sec; in support, the system has calibrated to work with the car’s advanced electronic stability system and in particular with the brakes-based torque vectoring – sending the most torque to the wheel(s) with the best grip.

focus 3

The RS has four configurations for the all-wheel drive that cover shock-absorber settings, stability control, steering and engine responses, and exhaust note for road and track service. Normal, Sport and Track settings are available, along with a Drift Mode to help the driver achieve controlled oversteer under circuit conditions.


“The RS’s engine,” Ford says, “shares its fundamental structure with the all-aluminium four-cylinder engine in the all-new Ford Mustang and is significantly upgraded for the Focus RS to deliver 10% more power.

“The engine features a new low-inertia twin-scroll turbocharger with larger compressor, enhanced air intake design, and a large-bore, high- performance, exhaust system.

“Normal maximum torque of 440Nm is delivered from 2000 to 4500rpm though 470Nm is available for up to 15 seconds on overboost during hard acceleration.”

The Focus RS, the 30th car to wear the RS badge, will be built in Saarlouis, Germany and be one of 12 new performance vehicles Ford will bring to showrooms globally through 2020.

It’s expected in South Africa in 2016.

WATCH the 2015 Focus RS in actions here

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