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Puzey BRM 300: SA’s first locally assembled motor-cycle

What’s believed to be the first South African-designed and built motorcycle is now available – the BRM 300 two-stroke developed by Mike Puzey.

Powered by an Italian TM engine, this two-stroke race machine has made some waves in the market place, in events against world-famous race-winning brands, holding its own and even out-performing many competitors in its class in tests.

puzey 1

Puzey said the bike had already proved itself on the 2012 Roof of Africa and surprised the media when it was tested. He added: “It has to be the best value-for-money two-stroke 300 enduro motorcycle in the country.

“Our goal was to design and built an affordable South African production dirt bike using all the best trick components available to us. We are really pleased with outcome.”

Among its stock features, Puzey adds, are a Gripper seat, billet rims, Pro Taper bars, Brembo hydraulic clutc, big radiators with a fan, braided brake lines – twin-pot front, single rear – Spider grips and Cycra brushguards.

“The plastics,” Puzey added, “are identical to those of top factory models. The brake callipers and wheels are top-quality with disc protectors that work better than most of the competitors.

“Our stock fuel-tank holds 9.5 litres – good for about 80km – but we have a secondary three-litre bolt-on aluminium tank that mounts neatly just above the engine.”

puzey 2

So what’s the bike like? Puzey punted these extracts from Glenn Foley’s Dirt & Trail magazine ride-test: “From a style and build point of view this bike is reminiscent of the latest Maicos. The guys from Puzey have used ideas and components from all over – we recognised more than a few main-brand parts on the bike.

“She feels a tad portly compared to other 300cc two-strokes – but we did like that the seat height is adjustable. The kick-start is perfect with a good stroke… she fired up easily. The stock HGS pipe emits a wicked howl when you twist the throttle.

“The clutch is lekker soft, snick her into gear and you take off…”

The review continued:

“The bike has a mapping switch – Map 1 for the fast stuff, Map 2 for more torque. The gearbox is slick, handling is predictable. The suspension is really good – the forks are Showa cartridges with inners designed by Puzey.

“It had been set up for our test by ace suspension- tuner Hilton Hayward and felt really good – quite soft, which is great for the more tricky stuff – and it never got out of shape.

“The rear monoshock is fully adjustable with a remote reservoir – so you can have it all set up to your specific needs.”

puzey 5

Foley said he took the bike everywhere – “over rocks, through rivers and across mountains and of course on some really fast winding sections”.

“It felt as good as anything out there. It didn’t overheat, never battled to start – it was an absolute pleasure to ride.”

The Puzey workshop will build bikes to order though does have ready stock.

And the base price? A buck short of R60 000.

For more information call Puzey Bikers’ Warehouse 011 795-4122 or visit or

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