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Nissan Juke makes its mark on Jozi graffiti festival

nissan graffti 1

Automaker Nissan and some of the world’s best graffiti artists are turning Johannesburg into a city-wide canvas for the fifth international City of Gold Urban Art Festival.

This the 2015 festival, created to showcase graffiti artists from South Africa and other countries, supports outdoor art and turns South Africa’s largest city into a celebration of some of the best graffiti art on the continent.

Artists started painting murals on October 5 and the festival will end with a tour of all murals on October 10.


The City of Gold Festival organisers have received permission from building owners and the City of Johannesburg to paint 11 large multi-storey “canvases” in Braamfontein, Newtown and Jeppestown. Walls have been allocated to a group of 13 artists from

South Africa, the United States, Canada, Australia and Britain.
Nissan has added its own canvas – a Juke that will be tagged by each of the artists to become a roving billboard for the festival.

nissan graffiti 2

Graeme Birch, marketing communications general manager at Nissan South Africa, explained: “The artists really enjoyed turning the Juke into a work of art and will use it for the duration of the festival. We have also supplied Nissan NP 200 and NV 200 support vehicles to help festival organisers transport the artists.”

Take a look at Nissan SA’s graffiti gallery.

The festival was started by local graffiti guru Rasty who, with a group of local organisers, has created a platform for this unique art form to be celebrated and allow local and international artists to share notes, inspire and encourage newcomers – and to create awe-inspiring murals.

Rasty said: “The festival is by its very nature inclusive. The art and creative process is shared with the city’s residents and children through participation in arts projects hosted by the local and international artists.”


The festival roster reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of graffiti artists. Rasty will be joined by Above from the US, Adnate from Australia, Mediah from Canada and SoloOne from Britain. Local artists joining the project include Bias, Breeze, Curio, Falko, Jestr, Love, Mars, Myza, Rekso, Tyke and Zesta.

Co-organiser Taryn Hackett said: “The City of Gold Festival is unique in allowing visitors unrestricted access to the murals and the creative process. We have planned several walking tours and visits during the festival and anybody interested in graffiti can follow the festival on Instagram at @cityofgoldfestival.”

Nissan SA will also follow the artists’ progress and track the tagged Juke as it makes the city its home. Follow Nissan SA on Twitter at @nissanza, and on YouTube at Nissan South Africa.

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