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Rugged big Nissan Patrol gets comfort makeover

  • Still a tough guy among the regular rear off-roaders
  • New cabin equipment, fancier finished
  • Full-colour satnav, spare stays on tail doors
nissan pos 1 600
NO RETIREMENT FOR NISSAN’S REALLY RUGGED ROVER: Little has changed externally from the previous model but the 2016 Nissan Patrol wagon, 64 years on from the model’s birth, is something else inside. Image: Nissan

PRETORIA, South Africa – Nissan has introduced an extensive range of creature-comfort features to its all-conquering 3.0 TD 4×4 GL Patrol Station Wagon but has done nothing that might compromise the SUV’s ‘go-anywhere’ ability that, Nissan SA says, has made it a long-distance overland favourite.

Most of the changes are in the cabin, the most obvious arrival full-grain leather upholstery throughout. The front seats also have power adjustment – something not always seen among the rugged-roader fraternity.

Brushed aluminium and wood-grain finishes cover the new two-tone dashboard and surround the modern in-car entertainment system  with its six-disc CD changer and full-colour satnav. There’s also a set of two-tone aircon controls – additions that take the three-litre Patrol closer to the range-topping 4.8 GRX model.


Graeme Birch, marketing boss at Nissan SA, told The Corner in a media release: “Competitors in this very technical segment of the off-road market have always created the impression that toughness is synonymous with a Spartan interior. We’ve changed that with the Patrol 3.0 GL, as already mentioned, but also added cruise control and a sunroof for the same price.”

2016 Nissan Patrol
SPARE WHEEL UP WHERE IT BELONGS: That’s on the tail door. Why? You ever tried to get at a chassis-carried spare in deep sand? Image: Nissan

The body still, Nissan says, has the characteristic sloped front bumper which helps to create the 37-degree dune-bustin’ approach angle; also retained are the solid front and rear axles, the bonnet-mounted air scoop that feeds a standard intercooler, the powered and chromed external mirrors and the dual side rear doors. A full-sized spare wheel is mounted on the rear doors – you ever tried to get to a spare wheel from under the chassis when wheels-down in a dune?

nissan pos 3 400
GETTING CLASSY: Full leather upholstery for the broad seats in the 2016 Nissan Patrol. Image: Nissan

The cabin, Nissan says, is one of the best-equipped technical off-roaders on the market with power sockets front and rear, airliner-style trays behind the front seats, double windscreen sun-visors, a roof-mounted digital multi-meter and foldable rear seats that, dropped, create 2226 litres of cargo volume.

Also still present is the three-litre six-cylinder common-rail direct injection turbodiesel engine that makes 118kW at 3600rpm and 371Nm at 2000rpm. “The low-end grunt is ideal for technical off-road work,” Nissan SA said, “and gives the Patrol a maximum tow rating of 2.7 tonnes. This engine has a proven track record and class-leading fuel consumption of 8.1 litres/100km cruising on tar.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels, or all four if the going is becoming tough. The Patrol has heavy-duty springs, telescopic front and rear shocks for 240mm of suspension travel and a 135-litre fuel tank. Brakes are vented discs all round.

Nissan_Patrol_4W60_Wagon-1951 350
THE ORIGINAL ORIGINAL: This is an example of the very first Nissan Patrol, the 4W60 of 1954. Loks like a real mini bus, hey! Image: Wikipedia

Both versions of the Patrol have a lockable rear differential and auto-locking hubs with the option of a manual override. The 3.0 TD Patrol has a five-speed manual gearbox with high- and low-range.

Flat-road ground-clearance is 21cm, approach angle 37 degrees, departure angle 31 degrees. The wheelbase is 2970mm but the Patrol still achieves a break-over angle of 27 degrees.

Recommended maximum wading depth is 70cm – or you can add a snorkel.

Nissan says the Patrol is the only vehicle in its segment with a six-year (or 150 000km) warranty and a five-year (or 90 000km) service plan. It can handle 500ppm diesel so cross-border trips are OK.

The Nissan Patrol 3.0 TD GL 4×4 Station Wagon costs R605 000. Service intervals are 15 000 km.

That should cover you for Cape-to-Cairo.

JACKED-UP CABIN: Full-colour satnav with six-disc shuttle and full leather upholstery for the 2016 Nissan Patrol. Image: Nissan

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