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Lamborghini design guru to head up Genesis resurgence

SEOUL, South Korea – Hyundai Motor has named Manfred Fitzgerald, 52, a former brand director at Lamborghini, as the new senior executive of its resurgent Genesis brand.

He will join the company in January 2016 at Hyundai’s HQ in Seoul..

hyundai genesis design boss 350
MANFRED FITZGERALD: Lamborghini design whizz to join Hyundai Genesis team. Image: Hyundai/Newspress

Fitzgerald, the automaker explained, will be in charge of establishing and executing strategies for the Genesis brand as the senior vice-president. He will take a core role in Genesis brand strategy, marketing and other business operations to help it develop “a strong foothold in the global luxury-car market”.


During his 12 years with Lamborghini Fitzgerald played a vital role in transforming Lamborghini from a prototype-car company to a

luxury car brand and increased its sales tenfold as director of brand and design.

Fitzgerald brings about 20 years of expertise and experience in luxury-car brand strategy and marketing. He will work, Hyundai said, alongside Luc Donckerwolke who will lead the Genesis Prestige Design Division as head of the Hyundai Motor Design Centre.

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