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‘All-new’ Chev Spark lights up auto market in Canada

2016 Chev Spark
STILL VERY MUCH A SPARK: Similar shell to that of the 2010 model, still a four-door (release at rear of rear-door window) and still with a 1.4-litre engine. Image: Chevrolet Canada

MONTREAL – Chevrolet s announced that the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Spark will, at around 10 000 Canadian dollars, be the least expensive car in that country “despite being packed with standard features”.

The Spark, incredibly popular in South Africa and the preferred mode of unhassled travel for the Stephenson family for the past five years, has been “completely redesigned with more than just a great deal to offer”.


In Canada, at least, the modest five-seater will have 10 standard crash bags, a re

2016 Chev Spark
STILL CUTE, STILL CHEEKY: The 2016 Chevrolet Spark has been announced for launch in Canada. Image: Chevrolet

versing camera and a more-efficient 1.4-litre engine. For the benefit of used sales of current models, the new Sparky doesn’t look all that different to the model that was launched in South Africa in 2010.

Nicolas Longpré, assistant brand manager for Chevrolet Canada, told The Corner in a media release:”The Spark has features and technology that aren’t typically offered in its segment at the price. Its standard 17cm MyLink touchscreen infotainment system gives drivers a smart and simple way to access Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, leveraging the latest technology that people use every day.

“OnStar with a 4GLTE wi-fi hotspot will also be standard.

“The new Spark offers Canadians incredibly advanced technology and connectivity features, outstanding fuel-efficiency and better safety technology than any other minicar. These standard features add up to make Spark the ultimate mobile device.”

The Corner doubts that, but what the hell… but many features do respond to voice commands through a button on the steering-wheel.

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2016 Chev Spark
WITH A BIG SCREEN… The 2016 Chev Spark’s facia is very different to that of the current model and includes a 17″ infotainment screen. Image: Chevrolet

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