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VW goes commercial with Xpress conversion, loses Vivo GT

2016 VW Xpress conversion
VW GOES COMMERCIAL – IN A SMALL WAY: This is the 2016 VW Xpress conversion. Image: VW SA

VW’s Polo Vivo, claimed to be SA’s best-selling car in 2015, now has a half-ton commercial sister – with windows!

The Vivo Xpress has been designed and developed in South Africa by VW Uitenhage’s engineering division in response, VW claims, to requests from fleet owners for a small VW delivery vehicle.

The Xpress, rated for 519kg in its 1060-litre load volume, is based on the R155 700 1.4 Conceptline car which has a 55kW engine. The commercial comes with remote-controlled central locking (be careful when you park!), alarm, aircon, anti-lock brakes, 15mm higher suspension, a partitioning between driver and cargo, and wood flooring in the loading area.


However, despite losing the rear seats and seat belts, the basic Xpress is still R8000 more expensive than the car. Perhaps because it takes the higher suspension from the Polo VW Maxx? We’ve asked VW SA for an answer, anyway?

And in due course cameth the answer: “The cost difference is related to the conversion parts of the Xpress. It is difficult to achieve the economies of scale to bring the price down due to the limited volume of Xpress units.”

Xpress options include cruise control, CD/Radio, 14″ gloss grey alloy rims and a rough-road package (front underbody guard, heavy-duty shock-absorbers) in case deliveries have to head into the backwoods.

The Xpress has been homologated as an N1 commercial vehicle and so allows VAT-registered buyers to reclaim VAT.

The basic Polo Vivo Xpress will retail for R163 700 (VAT and emissions tax included).



VW POLO GTS: It replaces the Polo Vivo GT. Image: VW SA

Meanwhile, a VW Polo Vivo GTS has replaced the Polo Vivo GT. Standard on the new model are a 77kW 1.6 engine, black roof, black exterior mirrors, grey metallic 16″ Rivazza spoked wheel rims, sport pedal cluster, two-tone GTS side decals and carpets with black piping and red stitching.

The Polo Vivo GTS will be available in white, red, silver, red or grey for R197 200 (VAT and emissions tax included). The Vivo GT was priced at R192 800. VW did not give a reason for the R5200 price increase (prices taken from current VW SA model price list).

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