2016 Honda NC750X
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2016 Honda NC750X: More tech for SA’s commuting favourite

  • Comfort and cruising changes to commuter favourite
  • Smother changes from double-cluch transmission
  • Bikemaker claims 400km possible from a tankful
2016 Honda NC750X
LEFT OR RIGHT, STILL A PRETTY BIKE: The 2016 Honda NC750X has been upgraded and improved with an even more comfortable ride and excellent fuel economy. Image: Honda SA

Honda South Africa calls its NC750X “the ultimate commuting motorcycle” and its many riders would agree but now the parallel-twin bike’s been given a “more adventurous and tough new look”,

Included are revised front-fork damping, a bigger storage compartment and liquid-crystal instruments with personalised colour options.

It’s a dual-clutch machine (faster and smoother changes) already but has been given further software upgrades in both manual and auto riding modes.

honda nc pos 1
IT’S SO WIDE! Well, sort of – Honda SA says wider cowls and a taller windscreen make the NC750X ‘more muscular’ and more weatherproof. Image: Honda SA

There’s also a revised exhaust muffler for what Honda calls “a deeper tone”.

Honda SA adds that since its introduction in 2012 (as the NC700X) the now NC750X has enjoyed consistent popularity throughout Europe and South Africa and has “become a permanent fixture in Europe’s top 10 best-selling motorcycles.

The reasons? Honda says: “That’s because of its torquey twin-cylinder engine which sips fuel while punching the bike forward in the low-to-middle rev ranges, the relaxed, roomy riding position, wide handlebars and comfortable seat, the long-travel suspension and distinctive adventure styling.”

Kerb weight is 220kg (230kg DCT). Seat height 830mm

The now 22-litre storage compartment (where a fuel tank would usually be) with a utility rail on its lid can take a full-face helmet and the dual-clutch transmission is the choice of more than a third of customers.


The 2016 evolution, Honda says, has udated the styling. The 70mm higher windscreen gives greater wind protection and there are now three levels of S mode for gear changes in auto mode and a higher upper rev limit for downshifts in manual mode.

Preload adjustment has been added to the rear shock and new Showa front forks to the front.

The bike’s side cowls have widened and the side covers reduced in size “to create muscular lines” and a “mass-forward” impression and the new LCD instrumentation includes odometer, trip meter, gear position, fuel efficiency and consumption gauges and (optional) heatable grips.

2016 NC750X
PLENTY OF REAR RUBBER: There’s also space for a full-face helmet in the fake-tank luggage box on the Honda NC750X. Image: Honda SA

Eco and Shift modes are further options when riding with the display set to a single colour or (on the DCT machine) the mode-dependent setting. Eco mode turns the display light blue if riding with good fuel-efficiency, green if riding even more economically. Shift mode sees the colour change to orange if engine rpm exceeds a level pre-set by the rider.

For security, a new key features Honda’s HISS: if the chip in the key and that in the engine control unit do not match the engine won’t start.

The NC750X will be available in white, red, silver metallic, ‘gunpowder’ metallic and blue metallic.

The now six-year-old double-clutch transmission uses two clutches: one for start-up and 1st, 3rd and 5th gears: the other for 2nd, 4th and 6th – it’s a system introduced, if The Corner recalls correctly, by Audi.

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Each clutch is independently controlled by its own electro-hydraulic circuit. The standard automatic D mode is for general or highway riding and maximum fuel economy. S mode – which shifts up and down at higher rpm than D.

Cast-aluminium wheels wheels (17×3.50″ front and 17×4.50″ rear – wear 120/70 ZR17 and 160/60 ZR17 tyres respectively. New forged aluminium L-shaped rim valves mean easier check/adjustment of tyre pressures.


The NC750X’s liquid-cooled SOHC quad-valve parallel twin-cylinder engine has a relatively long stroke and is capable of 40.3kW at 6250rpm and 68Nm at 4750rpm with Honda claiming as much as 400km from the 14-litre fuel tank.

The new Africa Twin is with dealers now (April 2016) and the prices below include a two-year unlimited distance warranty and a year’s roadside assistance.

2016 Honda NC750X – R99 999
2016 Honda NC750X DCT – R109 999

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