2016 BMW M2 Gigi Hadi 960
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Gigi and M2: Supermodel meets BMW supercar

  • Hail the progeny of the BMW M3
  • Off to a racetrack in the Cape mountains
  • What will be BMW’s next outrageous car?
m2 pos 1_supermodel-gigi-hadi
TWO TOP SUPERMODELS: The new 2016 BMW M2 might be one fast car but International fashion model Gigi Hadid certainly has the legs on it. Image: BMW

MUNICH, Germany – A compact high-performance BMW sports car was already “causing heads to turn and hearts to flutter” more than 40 years ago. Indeed, then BMW 2002 turbo encapsulated BMW’s resolution to deliver outstanding dynamics, exceptional agility and optimum car control.

As if to demonstrate in similarly resounding style that this commitment is alive and well, BMW M has now unveiled a BMW M2 in South Africa – but only 62 are available and they’ve all been sold.

2016 BMW M2
STILL THE CLASSIC DOUBLE-SPOKED RIMS: The new-in-SA 2016 BMW M2 and supermodel Gigi Hadid. Image: BMW

The South African launch of this extremely limited edition which is already commanding resales at way above the manufacturer’s prices was held in Cape Town (April 21/22 2016), using the small racetrack behind the Franschhoek auto museum for demo drives. Numbers are limited – an order now could take two years to fill, we’ve heard.

Had you ordered one well in advance you’d have paid R799 000 for the manual version or R848 500 for the M-DCT auto/manual model. It’s closest rival in size and performance is probably Mercedes’ A45 AMG at (2016) R737 000.

It comes with a high-performance six-cylinder in-line engine, rear-wheel drive, aluminium M Sport suspension and extrovert styling, BMW says, adding “the new BMW
M2 Coupe has all the ingredients to deliver the last word in driving pleasure”.

It won’t, of course, because in due course something more outrageous will come along, but meanwhile it just doesn’t get any better than this.


“The M2 Coupe,” BMW says, “makes no secret of its extraordinary performance potential. The low apron, large air intakes, muscular wings with characteristic M gills, 19″ aluminium wheel rims in familiar M double-spoke design – just like the original M3 – and low, wide rear with M-specific twin tailpipes eachl play impressive roles.”

2016 BMW M2
MANUAL OR AUTO DOUBLE-CLUTCH: Either choice, the 2016 BMW M2 is still with the fastest to 100km/h. Image: BMW

In fact the whole car looks like a miniature M3, until now the ‘must have’ sports car from BMW. “The time-honoured character of BMW M cars is also in the design of the cabin,” BMW says. “Sports seats, an M sports steering-wheel and an M gearshifter put the M2 driver in perfect command of this car it at all times.”


The three-litre six produces 272kW at 6500rpm (fuel consumption combined: around eight litres/100km*, as if you’d care!) and 465Nm (which can in extremis boost briefly to 500) to take the M2 Coupe with its (extra-cost ption) optional seven-speed M double-clutch transmission and launch control to 100km/h right there with the world’s fastest production sports cars in 4.3sec.

Top speed is electronically limited to 250km/h – but we guess that can soon be sorted… And anyway, its electronic active differential will optimises traction and directional stability while dynamic stability control, BMW asserts, will allow wheel-slip and should you be the competitive type who likes to drift on a racetrack.


“The new M2 Coupe,” BMW says, “is not only a direct heir to the BMW 1 Series M Coupe but also, in its underlying philosophy, a descendant of the original E30 BMW M3 and the BMW 2002 turbo.

“The latter caused a sensation more than 40 years ago, anticipating even then the commitment of what is now BMW to outstanding dynamics, unbeatable agility and
optimal car control.

* Fuel-consumption based on the EU test cycle; might vary according to tyre choice.

2016 BMW M2
SEEN THOSE DOUBLE PIPES BEFORE? The 2016 BMW M2 shows of its M-car pedigree along with those unmistakeable wheels. Image: BMW

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