Nissan X-Trail sold on Twitter
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Little blue bird delivers new Nissan X-Trail online

Tweets lead to sweet deals in Europe
Spanish Nissan dealer uses Twitter to sell X-Trail
Shortlist to delivery, all through social network

Nissan X-Trail sold on Twitter
DELIVERY COMPLETE: Raul Escolano and the Nissan X-Trail sold on totally throughTwitter. Image: Nissan Motors

BARCELONA, Spain – Nissan has become what is believed to be the first automotive brand in Europe to sell a vehicle exclusively through Twitter.

From first contact with the client to the decision to purchase – just six days later – all communication between flagship Galician dealer Antamotor and customer Raul Escolano took place via the social media platform.

Known to the dealership as user @escolano, he first courted car companies using the hashtag #compraruncocheportwitter (in English, ‘buy a car on Twitter’).

Nissan X-Trail sold on Twitter
THANK-YOU LETTER – and a little memento for the Nissan X-Trail sold on Twitter. Image: Nissan Motors

Escolano threw down the gauntlet to automotive brands across Spain, challenging them to support him in buying a vehicle solely through social networks.

Nissan, via Antamotor in A Coruña, impressed Escolano with its innovative approach of using video-streaming platform Periscope to film the X-Trail with the dealer presenting the vehicle’s key features in a personalised walk-through uploaded to a live stream.

Nissan then went head-to-head with rival models in a poll on Twitter, posed by Escolano, in which followers were asked to rate the cars on the shortlist. The survey received 2.6-million impressions (source: Brandwatch) and ranked the X-Trail ahead of its rivals with 43% of the vote, helping Nissan to seal the deal.

Still in the spirit of a truly innovative purchase, the X-Trail’s keys were delivered to Escolano’s home by courier then the vehicle was collected from the brand’s Spanish HQ, in the first face-to-face interaction between Nissan and the customer since the sale began two months earlier.

Nissan X-Trail sold on Twitter
SOCIAL INTERACTION: A Nissan X-Trail of the type sold on Twitter. Image: Nissan Motors

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