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VW goes to work on next Crafter commercial

Functional: New exterior and interior design
Efficient: Lowest drag co-efficient in its class
Innovative: Optimum workplace space

2017 Volkswagen Crafter. Image: VW
COMING SOON FROM VW: This is the first sketch of the 2017 Volkswagen Crafter mobile workplace with, VW says, the sleekest body in its class. Image: VW

HANNOVER, Germany – These are the first sketches of the next Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ Crafter panel van, due for launch in Europe towards the end of 2017.

The current model is available in South Africa so we might guess this one will come here, too.

VW Europe says the van clearly displays the brand’s design DNA and was conceived as the ‘Big Bbrother’ of the T-series, adding: “The all-new Crafter promises innovation, plus a high level of functionality and quality.”

2017 Volkswagen Crafter. Image: VW
2017 Volkswagen Crafter. Image: VW

The new Crafter is completely new, VW says, and its designers have worked closely with current owners, even going with them on their daily routine, “to understand their needs and visions; what they want the new Crafter to be and allowing them to help shape the new generation”.


The function and design approach, according to Albert-Johann Kirzinger, head of design at VW Commercial Vehicles (VWN), was “thoroughly analytical”.

“Commercial vehicle design must work for lots of different customer groups,” he added.

“The next Crafter,” VW says, “will have the lowest drag coefficient in its class (0.33) and combine everyday practicality with optimum cargo space. Its design language will extend across all new commercial vehicle models and their derivatives.”

2017 Volkswagen Crafter. Image: VW
2017 Volkswagen Crafter. Image: VW

Kirzinger added: “VW Commercial Vehicles’ T-series, the ‘Bulli’, is effectively being given a Big Brother’ through the next Crafter with surface quality, robustness and high qualitative value never before available in this commercial vehicle class.”

The Corner, with VW’s help, will have more details in coming weeks.

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