2016 VW TIGUAN. Image: VW SA
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Latest Tiguan – VW calls it ‘a new era for SUVs’

  • New’ standards for design, comfort, convenience
  • 2.8-million units sold globally since 2007
  • ‘Great all-rounder, distinctive styling’
2016 VW TIGUAN. Image: VW SA
2016 VW TIGUAN:  The sport utility vehicle is longer and wider and (eventually) will have a wide range of engines.  Image: VW SA

Sport utility vehicles – often with all-wheel drive – are now among the top sellers in Europe prompted, The Corner believes, by more frequent and heavier winter snow and frequent flooding across the Continent and the UK in recent years.

Frankly, they also make more sense than a sedan or hatchback because of their versatility, folding seats and luggage/cargo capabilities.

It’s into such a market that VW is launching its revised Tiguan, aptly named for South Africa,  model eight years down the line (in South Africa) already and claimed by the automaker to be “a great all-rounder with distinctive styling that redefines its class and confidently points the way to the future”.

2016 VW TIGUAN. Image: VW SA
CHOICE OF SCREENS: Depending on model (or the depth of you pocket) the 2016 VW Tiguan has an amazing selection of control/satnav screens. Image: VW SA

Over those eight years 2.8-million units have been sold in more than 170 countries (over 19 000 in South Africa) – so, what’s the 2017 version got?

First, the SUV continues with the option of all-wheel drive. Too many people still believe that only means it can quit the tar and keep going. Which, of course, is nonsense: AWD can be a life-saver in heavy rain on a freeway, too, thanks to all wheels have drive.

The completely redesigned Tiguan benefits from a broad engine selection. At launch (see more further below) in South Africa the new Tiguan will be offered with:

Two 1.4 TSI engines – 92kW and 110kW
Three 2.0 TDI engines – with 81kW, 105kW, 130kW
One 2.0 162kW TSI (to come before 2016 year-end)

but prices for only three models were supplied with the media material (VAT/emissions tax included). Previous models were sold as Trend and Fun models – for a full list of those prices and options, visit VW SA. http://www.vw.co.za/en/models/new-tiguan/prices-and-options.html

Tiguan 1.4 TSI 92kW Trendline – R378 000
Tiguan 1.4 TSI 92kW Comfortline – R419 000
Tiguan 1.4 TSI 110kW Comfortline DSG a/t – R457 680

Each will be delivered with a five-year or 90 000km service plan, three-year or 120 000km warranty and 12-year anti-corrosion (rust-through) warranty.
Service Intervals: 15 000km.

The high-power engines will have all-wheel drive as standard; equipment levels will cover Trendline, Comfortline and Highline, as are most other VW products.

With the rear bench seat (it can slide fore/aft by up to 18cm) of the redesigned Tiguan folded the 1655-litre cargo space will be 145 litres larger than its predecessor. VW says: “The design of the new Tiguan emphasises style, presence and dynamism with a new character that combines striking proportions with a clear commitment to sophistication and authority.”

2016 VW TIGUAN. Image: VW SA
AN SUV DOESN’T HAVE TO BE ‘UTILITY’:   Today’s cars are constantly competing not only on engine power but also on cabin features. The 2016 VW Tiguan is well up in the race. Image: VW SA

Crash protection and prevention gear includes driver and front passenger, curtain and side-impact crash bags flashing hazard lights under emergency braking, stability control, transverse differential lock and fatigue detection. The cars have five stars from Euro NCAP.

Standard comfort features include manual aircon, power windows, cruise control, leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel, full connectivity and, externally, roof rails and front fog lights.

TSI-engined units have BlueMotion Technology with auto stop/start and battery regeneration to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

The proportions and profile of entry two-wheel drive units include a loss of 33mm in height to 1.63m but a 30mm increase in width to 1.84m and the shell is six centimetres longer, at 4.49m than its predecessor.

2016 VW TIGUAN. Image: VW SA
LEATHER AND BUTTONS:  The VW Tiguan has leather and switches as options on its steering-wheel. Image: VW SA

Better handling will come with the longer wheelbase up by 7mm to 2.68m. The car’s Cd (wind resistance) rating, at 0.32, is said to be 13% improved. The car is also 53kg lighter and the tail hatch larger..

The audio/satnav display is described as “a flexible human-machine interface whose displays complement one another”. Six views are available for the optional 31cm information display, including an off-road display showing steering angle and compass. When satnav is on the large central display can be selected.

Navigating is made easier with a head-up (optional) display giving road speed, current speed limit, direction arrows for navigation and indicators for the driver assistance systems.

The 2016 Tiguan also offers “the latest generation of infotainment systems” based on a modular infotainment platform, starting with:
The basic 13cm touchscreen for radio/CD, MP3 with eight speakers, SD card slot and an auxiliary socket and then going up to:
The connectivity package which includes Bluetooth and USB and then to:
The optional 16.5cm touchscreen radio/CD Composition Media with MP3/WMA, eight speakers, Bluetooth, SD slot, USB and auxiliary.

Further up the scale are:

A Discover Pro satnav unit with a 20cm display and DVD drive and
A truly exceptional sound experience” through (option) a 400W Dynaudio full stereo system with a digital 10-channel amplifier, sub-woofer and centre speaker.

“The seats being used for the first time in the new Tiguan,” VW says, “deliver relaxed comfort – even on rough surfaces.”

They are lighter, better sprung and being used for the first time by VW, which adds: “The foam contours have been completely redesigned compared to the previous model to give better lateral support and a much more flexible fit to the body.”


The engine range of the new Tiguan gives a broader choice between power and fuel-economy. The three petrol engines are variously capable of 92-162kW, the diesels 81-130kW.

2016 VW TIGUAN. Image: VW SA
WITHOUT ITS BADGE, WOULD YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS? It looks good but is the 2016 VW Tiguan now becoming so generic as to be not instantly recognisable? Image: VW SA

At launch only 1.4 TSI engines (92 and 110kW) will be available, the 92kW with a six-speed manual transmission, the other with a six-speed direct-shift. The two-litre TDI engines (81, 105 and 130kW) will arrive in the last quarter of 2016 along with the two-litre, 162kW TSI.

The high-powered engines (2.0 TDI 105kW and 130kW and 2.0 TSI 162kW) will have the 4MOTION drive system


include a sunroof, electrically detachable towball, diode headlights, R-Line exterior with 19″ alloy rims, head-up display, parallel-parking assistance with rear camera, adaptive cruise-control, ambient lighting, leather/power seats, keyless access/locking/starting, power tail door..

Prices for only three models were supplied with the media material:
Only three model Tiguan Prices (VAT and emissions tax included)

1.4 TSI 92kW Trendline manual – R378 000
1.4 TSI 92kW Comfortline manual – R419 000
1.4 TSI 110kW Comfortline DSG auto – R457 680

The new Tiguan comes standard with a five-year or 90 000km service plan, three-year or 120 000km warranty and a 12-year anti-corrosion )rust-through) warranty. Service Intervals: 15 000km.

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