Satnav for scooters Image: Newspress
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Satnav boon perfect for pizza-run people

    • No more phone-phumbling at the lights
    • Know who’s calling your phone
    • Colour-coded speed-limit warning
Satnav for scooters Image: Newspress
NO MORE PHONE PHUMBLING: TomTom has created a satnav system for scooters. Image: Newspress


BERLIN, Germanmy -TomTom has created what is believed to be the world’s first smartphone-connected satnav for scooter riders.

It’s called TomTom VIO and, its maker says, the new tool for pizza delivery drivers and others who race around European cities is highly functional but makes a strong visual statement.

It’s a glove-friendly round device that attaches to a scooter’s handlebars, comes in a choice of six colours and is absolutely weatherproof.

Satnav for scooters Image: Newspress
TURN-BY-TURN DIRECTIONS: Satnav for scooters Image: Newspress

“Once you’ve seen it on a scooter the machine looks naked without it,” its maker says. “The circular glove-friendly touchscreen device acts as an extension to a connected smartphone and uses the phone’s satnav app as the brains.

“No more taking a phone out of the pocket while riding.”

The display, VIO says, gives turn-by-turn directions, visually and audibly, through a Bluetooth helmet audio system. Should a voice call come in for the rider the display will show an image of the called so the rider can take it via the headset.

Route directions remain on the TomTom VIO display.

TomTom’s speed camera warning system is built-in, too, VIO says, “but are minimal and attractive”. The display turns red if the speed limit is being exceeded and back to the normal display when the rider taps off.

Design detailing continues inside and out with snap-on silicon covers in six colours – ideal for matching up with the scooter. Then, to keep consistency, even the maps can be set to the same colour using one simple touch in the app.


Corinne Vigreux, co-founder and MD of TomTom Consumer, told The Corner through a media release: “This is a game-changer for scooter riders. Not only will it speed up the commute but gone are the days of fiddling with your mobile at traffic lights or wondering who’s calling as you negotiate the traffic.

“For the first time the scooteristi can explore the urban jungle safely, confidently, and with style.”

The TomTom VIO will be available in Europe September 8 at Halfords and through Amazon and on the TomTom website for £150 (R2850, guidance only). The device ships with a black snap-on silicon cover.


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