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Better batteries, more range – the new BMW C Evolution

  • Scoot that tops speed limit
  • More power, longer range
  • High-tech add-ons available

Updated BMW e-scooters for Paris show Image: Newspress/BMW BMW Motorrad

THINNER CABLE, QUICK CHARGE: Updated BMW e-scooters will be on a stand for the 2016 Paris auto show. Image: Newspress/BMW BMW Motorrad

FRANKFURT, Germany – BMW Motorrad says it has raised the benchmark in the e-scooter segment to a new level thanks to the introduction of a new generation of batteries.

The technology, already in use in the BMW i3 battery car, is seen as entitling the C3 scooter to have Long Range model and it will be on show at the September 2016 Paris auto show..

The C3 is seen as meeting a long-standing and intensifing need for better and cleaner “individual mobility” in cities.

Updated BMW e-scooters for Paris show Image: Newspress/BMW BMW Motorrad
TILT IT LIKE A MOTORCYCLE: The latest BMW e-scooters to be shown at the Paris show can perform like their petrol-powered sisters. Image: Newspress/BMW BMW Motorrad

“Constantly expanding traffic volumes, rising energy costs and increasingly rigorous CO2 restrictions on inner-city traffic,” the bikemaker says “are the challenges that electric vehicles consistently set out to tackle.”

TOP SPEED OF 130km/h

There will now be two versions of the C3 with ranges of 100km and 160km – the latter with the 94Ah batteries already in use in the i3.

Also being introduced are a new and thinnner charging cable and a smartphone cradle – the latter adding to “many more ways to customise the BMW C Evolution scooter whose motor makes 19kW, 8kW more than before, and top speed is 130km/h – thought Motorrad does not expand on what that might do to the scooter’s range.

Updated BMW e-scooters for Paris show Image: Newspress/BMW BMW Motorrad
QUICK TOP-UP – 100km+ RANGE: Updated BMW e-scooters for Paris show Image: Newspress/BMW BMW Motorrad

Here are some of the highlights of the new machine:

    • Innovative electric drive via drivetrain swing arm with liquid-cooled e‑motor, tooth belt and planetary gear.
    • Significantly increased range due to enlarged battery cell capacity of 94 Ah (previously 60 Ah).
    • Long Range version: 19kW continuous output and 35kW peak output. Top speed 130km/h, range about 160km.
    • Battery recuperation when coasting or braking.
    • Short charging times possible.
    • Synergy effects with BMW automobiles and electrical safety according to car standards.
    • Agile handling due to low centre of gravity.
    • Powerful anti-lock brakes.
    • Extensive range of standard features including multifunctional TFT instrument cluster, diode daytime running light and turn indicators, several riding modes and reversing.
    • High-end details such as tinted windshield and colour seat seams.
BOLD: Text Image: Newspress/BMW Motorrad
WATERPROOF AND DIGITAL:  No swinging speedometer needle, everything you need to know. Image: Newspress/BMW Motorrad

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