Honda X-bikes
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New Honda X-bikes’ build confirmed

Honda X-bikes
Honda X-bikes Image: Honda

Honda motorcycles has confirmed the coming production of its X-ADV machines.

The bikemaker describes the bikes as “a new breed of machines that combine adventure appeal with wide-ranging performance and practicality”. They will be launched at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy, in November 2016.

“They’re based,” Honda says, “on the City Adventure concept displayed in Milan in 2015 but now combine the spirit of adventure with all-round performance, practicality and comfort for both commuting and weekend escapes.”

Honda X-bikes
Honda X-bikes Image: Honda

They have both an upright riding position to see over traffic and long-travel suspension to handle the roughest of roads. The windscreen can be adjusted to five positions and there is space to store an off-road crash-helmet.

Honda added in a media release sent to The Corner: “The X-ADV continues Honda’s long tradition of finding ways to create products that enhance and enrich customers’ lifestyle. In keeping with its innovative concept the X-ADV will have our dual-clutch transmission – and a spirit of adventure – as standard.”

More details will be released at EICMA 2016 which will run from November 8-13.

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