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Peugeot electric superbike: Boost your ride

NOTHING TOO FLASH, LOTS OF DASH: This new machine from Peugeot can reach 45km/h and cover nearly 100km. Image: Newspress/Peugeot

PARIS, France – Peugeot is proud to unveil the eU01s, a 45km/h battery-bicycle that bridges the gap between normal 25km/h electric bicycles and scooters.

The machine is about to be introduced at the end-September 2016 Paris auto show – well, it does have a motor! – to broadcast how it can give a rapid cross-town journey.

“It’s dynamic and distinctive,” Peugeot Cycles says.

Peugeot has made urban mobility a core priority with a several innovations through 2016 such as the eC01 battery-assisted bicycle with an auto transmission, the e-Kick battery-assisted scooter and the eF01 battery-assisted folding bike.

Battery bike from Peugeot
TIGHTEN YOUR BELT: No messy black chain for this machine – there’s a rubber belt-drive. Image: Newspress/Peugeot

Peugeot is entering a new era with its latest e-bike: the eU01s. Its top speed of 45km/h was developed so that it can take the lead in this segment midway between 25km/h battery bikes and scooters.

In Europe the machine falls into the moped category so requires insurance, registration and a crash helmet.

The bike has a Bosch Performance Line electric motor powered by a 400 or 500Wh lithium-ion battery which promises a range of 75-95km and 180mm hydraulic disc brakes and a maintenance-free belt transmission.

Peugeot electric bike
Peugeot electric bike

It’s also compatible with the Bosch Nyon system, an optional trip data computer with an 11cm screen to manage the pedal assistance configuration, 3D satnav, sports coaching and smartphone connectivity.

The eU01s will be launched in December 2016 through the Cycle Europe network and some Peugeot dealers.

*Puzzled by the brand name? Here’s the translation: eU01s is made up with e for electric, U for Urban, 01 for high level and s for Speed (45km/h).

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