MONDAY CLEAN-UP: . Image: Skoda
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Monday morning mess: Things kids leave behind

  • Weird remnants include pets, teeth, dead animals
  • 61% of parents embarrassed by state of their car
  • One in five in Monday morning cleans-out
MONDAY CLEAN-UP: . Image: Skoda
IT THAT A TIGGER OR A DINOSAUR? Toys and fruit remains all part of the big Monday morning car clean-out. Image: Newspress/ Skoda

LONDON, England – More than a million parents* are left with the same messy motoring dilemma every Monday morning – getting their company car fit for business after a weekend with the kids.

These figures are according to research from automaker Skoda – a brand not sold in South Africa – which highlights the items found on car back seats and in footwells as UK drivers balance the demands of being parent and professional.

MONDAY CLEAN-UP: . Image: Skoda
NOT WANTED ON VOYAGE: Are your kids guilty of juvenile social offences? Image: Newspress/Skoda

While food wrappers (66%), crumbs (60%) and mud (51%) are the most common remnants of weekend family motoring – alongside cuddly toys – some kids leave weirder and more wonderful surprises.

These include cheese graters, bird skulls, Daleks, dead mice and frogs, live goldfish, jellyfish, a pair of pants, pet hamsters, pieces of coal, teeth, caterpillars, horse poo in a bag, TV remotes, worms, a week-old beef burger and a wet sponge.

One respondent to the study even told how her son “wrote ‘Homeless’ on the back of my seat in felt tip. Not sure how to take that!”

Such discoveries leave more than three-fifths (61%) of parents embarrassed by the state of their car; more than one in five (21%) clean out their back seat every Monday morning.

Skoda, to help make life on the road a little easier, has a range of accessories that help to keep cars looking sharp, stylish and clean.

MONDAY CLEAN-UP: . Image: Skoda
SOCIAL MESSAGE: Touch of juvenile humour for one respondent. Image: Newspress/Skoda

For example, the brand’s ‘protection pack’ helps drivers to prevent mud stains on the inside and outside of its cars, Bluetooth and multi-media options help company car drivers maintain an air of professionalism, even if their kids present evidence to the contrary. All  Skoda’s servicing options include a full car-clean and valet.

A Skoda spokesperson said: “We understand the duality of cars being used for both personal and professional reasons. Weekend motoring with the kids can be great fun but also presents challenges on Monday morning. To help, we have a range of Simply Clever accessories that keep kids occupied, parents happy and mess at bay.”

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