PURE ELECTRIC McLAREN: Image: Newspress/McLaren
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Special offer: Brand-new McLaren for R6560

  • Classic aspirational wheels by McLaren
  • One car in which size matters
  • No driving licence needed, just be little
PURE ELECTRIC McLAREN: Image: Newspress/McLaren
McLAREN AND SON: A real  McLaren P1 and the junior version.  Image: Newspress/McLaren

LONDON, England – Want a brand-new McLaren that you’ll let the kids drive for less than R6600? Nope, not a joke…

McLaren retailers worldwide are offering a pure electric McLaren P1 complete with central driving seat and open roof, for the equivalent of R6560.

The kids will love it, but mom and dad will have trouble squeezing into the car, which can hit its top speed in a dazzling two seconds while playing ‘Hickory Dickory Doc’ on its sound system.

PURE ELECTRIC McLAREN: Image: Newspress/McLaren
PURE ELECTRIC McLAREN:  No licence required – just a very small body and an age limit. Image: Newspress/McLaren

McLaren Automotive has ust revealed that one of the key strategies of its TRACK 22 business plan is the development of a Pure Electric Vehicle (or EV) to one day sit in its Ultimate Series but meanwhile a Pure EV based on today’s McLaren P1 is now available but only to a limited group of potential customers … those under the age of six.

At least that’s the official guidance.


The diminutive McLaren P1 differs from its larger brother in two important areas: it has a central driving position and youngsters, will be able to experience what adults never could: an open-top McLaren P1.

Yet the design retains McLaren’s signature dihedral doors and, as with every McLaren, its acceleration is startling – standstill to the max in two seconds.

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The car surges into life via a one-button stop/start function automatically activating the lights and ‘air-conditioning’ unit. An MP3 player/audio system is standard and, helpfully, pre-programmed with every popular singalong nursery rhyme.

It also has reverse gear in addition to its three-speed forward transmission. Handy if you’ve arrived at the wrong playground.

In contrast to McLaren’s usual policy of offering limitless colour and trim combinations, the choice for the busy six-year-old is made easy with only one: Volcano Yellow.

PURE ELECTRIC McLAREN: Image: Newspress/McLaren
PURE PETROL  McLAREN:  The real thing in a London showroom.  Image: Newspress/McLaren

The Ride On electric McLaren P1 is the first licensed product from McLaren Automotive to enter this growing market segment and is the most compact car yet to wear the McLaren badge so, ideally, customers should be aged three to six years old – though some beyond that age group might fit.

It will be available from the end of October 2016, first from selected McLaren Automotive retailers around the world then recognised global toy retailers. – Newspress

Ride On McLaren P1TM
Colour – Volcano Yellow
Top speed –about 5km/h
Price – Equivalent or R6560 (Sept 2016)*
Available globally through McLaren retailers

*Our editor points out that his first new car, a Ford Cortina 1600, cost R2550 back in 1976. Of course at that time he was only earning about R600 a month.

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