MERCEDES GENERATION EQ: Image: Newspress/Mercedes-Benz
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Electric mobility: Mercedes flips the switch

  • Two motors, 700Nm, five sec to 100km/h
  • EQ concept for all Mercedes vehicles
  • EQ? Means ‘Electric Intelligence’
MERCEDES GENERATION EQ: Image: Newspress/Mercedes-Benz
MERCEDES GENERATION EQ: Image: Newspress/Mercedes-Benz

PARIS, France – Mercedes-Benz is using its “Generation EQ” model at the Paris auto show to demonstrate how electric cars might soon move into the fast lane.

It’s not only the high-tech car’s world premiere but the start of electric power across the Mercedes vehicle range.

The concept, which looks like a sporty SUV coupé, is said to be a preview of a new generation of battery-powered vehicles but with a dynamic electro-look that, Mercedes explains, underlines the focus on the electric drive.

MERCEDES GENERATION EQ: Image: Newspress/Mercedes-Benz
MERCEDES GENERATION EQ: Image: Newspress/Mercedes-Benz

The car has two electric motors, together capable of a maximum 300kW/700Nm thanks to scalable battery components, and permanent all-wheel drive, and its maker claims a potential range of 500km along with “typical Mercedes strengths of safety, comfort, functionality and connectivity”.

Launch acceleration to 100km requires about five seconds.

The cabin contains, Mercedes says, innovative solutions – among them a new interior concept – and the package is said to be the forerunner of Mercedes-Benz’s new product brand for electric mobility.


The EQ moniker stands for “Electric Intelligence” and is derived from the Mercedes-Benz brand values of “Emotion and Intelligence”.

Affable Formula 1 fan Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars almost always to be seen trackside at F1 meets, told The Corner in a media release: “The mobility of the future at Mercedes-Benz will stand on four pillars: Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric.

MERCEDES GENERATION EQ: Image: Newspress/Mercedes-Benz
MERCEDES GENERATION EQ: Image: Newspress/Mercedes-Benz

“Generation EQ is the logical fusion of all four. The emissions-free automobile is the future and our new EQ brand goes far beyond electric vehicles to a comprehensive electric ecosystem of services, technology and innovation.”

All EQ vehicles, Mercedes explains, will be based on an architecture developed specifically for battery models and scalable in every respect across all models: wheelbase, track and all other system components, especially the batteries, are variable thanks to the modular system.


The vehicles will be optimised to meet every requirement of a future-orientated, battery-electric model family with the basic architecture suitable for SUV’s, sedans, coupés, cabriolets and other model series and composed of steel, aluminium and carbon-fibre, the watchwords weight, strength and cost efficiency.

MERCEDES GENERATION EQ: Image: Newspress/Mercedes-Benz
MERCEDES GENERATION EQ: Image: Newspress/Mercedes-Benz

Gorden Wagener, Daimler AG’s head of design, told The Corner: Generation EQ was hot and cool. “The aim was to create an avant-garde, contemporary and distinctive electro-look.”

Almost invisible panel joints, concealed screen wipers, cameras not mirrors, and an absence of conventional door releases “emphasise the stretched, dynamic silhouette, making the SUV crossover appear to be a unified whole while reducing its air resistance”.

The package rides on 21″ alloy rims/tyres.

“The asymmetrical instrument panel and its large floating screen display are,” Wagener says, “tailored to the driver. The digital user-experience differentiates Generation EQ from the familiar controls of today’s vehicles – a peek into the future for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.”

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A 53x11cm TFT high-definition display presents speed, range and driving data or navigation/map details. How much and which data are displayed is at the driver’s discretion.

Zetsche again: “In 2007 the e-smart was a pioneer of electric motoring. We’re now flipping the switch. We’re ready for the launch of an electric product offensive that will cover all vehicle segments, from compact to luxury.”


The EQ activates itself as the driver approaches, displaying his/her preferred exterior lighting inside and out. Once seated, the driver will see the lighting switch to electric blue, the lights in the doors dimming slowly and the facia screen illuminating as the natnav shows destinations with the current range of battery charge.

And talking of charge, the EQ can be charged at home from a wall box or induction, or fast-charged. Future charging could, Mercedes says, take about five minutes for 100km range.

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