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Hyundai high-performance N Concept at Paris show

  • Hyundai RN30 anticipates ‘N’ models
  • Based on new-generation Hyundai i30
  • Race machine to demonstrate sporting DNA
HYUNDAI RN30: Image: Quickpic/Hyundai
HYUNDAI RN30: Image: Quickpic/Hyundai

PARIS, France – Hyundai has unleashed its latest high-performance N concept track car – the RN30 – at the 2016 Paris auto show.

“The motorsport-inspired racing concept,” Hyundai says, “was developed to deliver passion and pleasure on the track for everybody.”

A performance i30N model using technology introduced in the RN30 concept will become available in 2017.

HYUNDAI RN30: Image: Quickpic/Hyundai
HYUNDAI RN30: Image: Quickpic/Hyundai

The car is based on the new-generation Hyundai i30 (also on show in Paris) and developed in collaboration with Hyundai Motorsport, Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre and Hyundai Motor’s Performance Development & High Performance Vehicle Division.


“The striking concept,” the automaker says, “is distinguished by its aerodynamic design and specialised high-performance technology that deliver thrilling high-speed driving.”

Albert Biermann, head of vehicle testing and high-performance development at Hyundai, told The Corner in a media release: “The RN30 embodies the concept of a strong, high-performance car that brings dynamic, sporty driving.

“Soon to evolve into our first N model, the RN30 was inspired by our passion to provide a high-performance car that everybody can enjoy.

“We’ve drawn on our technological expertise honed through our motorsport successes to deliver emotional delight through an engaging blend of performance and control.”

HYUNDAI RN30: Image: Quickpic/Hyundai
HYUNDAI RN30: Image: Quickpic/Hyundai

Hyundai N was launched at the Frankfurt auto show in September 2015 to bring to life the company’s philosophy of providing engaging and thrilling driving pleasure for its customers.

The car’s performance comes from a two-litre turbocharged engine, under development by Hyundai for N production models and upgraded with a larger turbo to increase thrust at full throttle.


The RN30 is primed for performance with power output of 280kW and 451Nm maximum torque. “A wet-type dual-clutch transmission delivers lightning-fast gear shifts and direct coupling for dynamic acceleration,” Hyundai explains, “and the RN30 is equipped with all-wheel drive to manage the car’s power while enabling precision high-speed driving.”.

HYUNDAI RN30: Image: Quickpic/Hyundai
HYUNDAI RN30: Image: Quickpic/Hyundai

More technology is there to enhance safety and control: for instance, Hyundai says, an electronic limited-slip differential measures the driving force of the tyres to ensure that each wheel receives sufficient torque to help prevent skidding and ensure fast, precise, cornering.

The car’s silhouette is unmistakably from the latest Hyundai i30 but with a lower and wider stance. Width has been increased by 30mm to 1.95m but the car is lower by 84 mm to 1355 mm.

A “floating” fender over each wheel claims to enhance the visual impact and work with the side splitters to improve aerodynamic performance.

HYUNDAI RN30: Image: Quickpic/Hyundai
HYUNDAI RN30: Image: Quickpic/Hyundai

The nose has Hyundai’s new signature cascading grille and high-tech headlights which create a strong image when combined with the distinctive daytime running lights and airflow front to rear passes through the grille mesh to not only improve downforce but tp optimise cooling.


The large rear spoiler, Hyundai says, distinguishes the car, and a fin along the central line of the roof “creates a unique rear look”. There’s a large rear diffuser set above white ceramic exhausts and the 19″ alloy rims complete the car’s dynamic appearance.

A bucket seat with an integrated roll cage is there to protect the driver and to capture the driver’s reactions and dynamic moments image-stabilised gimbal cameras are attached to each A pillar; there’s also an external camera attached to the centre fin on the roof.

All N models are developed at Namyang, the heart of Hyundai Motor’s global R&D network, then pushed to their limits during testing at the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife.

HYUNDAI RN30: Image: Quickpic/Hyundai
HYUNDAI RN30: Image: Quickpic/Hyundai

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