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Foolish youth: ‘We’re the better drivers’

MELBOURNE, Australia – Despite a belief that drivers aged 16-25 are responsible for more crashes than any other age group most still rate their driving as “good” or “excellent”.

That’s the conclusion of an Australian survey of more than 700 drivers aged 17-19 which showed 71% believed their driving was “better” or “much better” than their peers.

The results claim to have highlighted a disconnect between their understanding of road safety and their behaviour. “It seems,” the survey concludes, “that the ‘it’ll never happen to me’ attitude is still prevalent among young drivers”.


Distractions and inattention continue to be a problem for young drivers, with 65% admitting being distracted when having a conversation with a passenger – a figure similar to a survey in 2015.

Novice drivers are among the most vulnerable on the road. In 2012, 17 to 19-year-oldss made up four percent of the Western Australia population yet were over-represented in road deaths – seven percent of road deaths.

The survey also revealed that 46% of young drivers had seen a parent use a cellphone while driving and 71% were aware a parents speeding.

Young driver behaviour:

  • 70% have driven while tired or fatigued.
  • 65% have been distracted by a conversation while driving.
  • 50% have expressed anger at another driver by shouting, gesturing or driving aggressively

With results such as these, parents are encouraged to be more proactive in providing post driver’s-licence acquisition education/trainng. In South Africa, Masterdrive can help.

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