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Avon markets bike tyre for on- and off-road

MELKSHAM, England – Avon Tyres has launched a TrekRider motorcycle tyre that, the company says, promises ” superb off- and on-road performance”.

Avon says the TrekRider is its first adventure tyre with a 50/50 split of on- versus off-road performance though really meant for light to medium trails.

“The tyres work as well in mud and gravel as on asphalt.”

UP FRONT: ~The new Avon TrekRider front tyre. Image: Newspress/Avon Tyres
UP FRONT: The new Avon TrekRider front tyre. Image: Newspress/Avon Tyres

This new tyre, Avon believes, will make choosing tyres for an adventure bike much simpler. Often, when selecting the best road bike tyre, performance can be limited when riding on mud.

The tyres’ tread pattern is all-new, Avon explains, with tread blocks and channels that cut through mud yet remain stable on tarmac and concrete.


“A totally enhanced construction on the cross-ply and radial carcasses gives impressive high-speed stability for motorway work yet retains the compliance found on a dedicated dirt-bike tyre.

“The compound mix optimises grip on wet or dry roads and boosts traction on dirt.”

In recent years, the tyremaker said, the focus had been on road performance. Ashley Vowles, Avon’s motorcycle-tyre design engineer, enlarged: “To design a tyre that performs on- and off-road was an exciting project. The challenge was to make sure the rider has handling and stability on tarmac while not affecting performance off-road.”

UP FRONT: ~The new Avon TrekRider front tyre. Image: Newspress/Avon Tyres
…AND AT THE BACK: The new Avon TrekRider rear tyre. Image: Newspress/Avon Tyres

Vowles said the tyres were tested over thousands of kilometres on a wide range of bikes that included BMW GS and KTM Adventure machines, Triumph’s 800 Tiger and Yamaha’s XT660.

“We benchmarked TrekRider against the best competitor tyres, and we’re very happy with the results,” he added. “The TrekRider passed all our handling and stability tests with flying colours.”

The Avon TrekRider will be on display for the first time at the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne, Germany, from October 5-9.

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