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Is this the world’s most luxury mobile home?

  • Units start at equivalent of R6.2m (Oct ’16)
  • Park and haul your car in back-end garage
  • Empire Liner has no limit on specification options
LAMBO OR LUXURY MOTORHOME:  What the heck, order both… after all, you can park the Lambo at the back in roll it out at the camground.  Image: Newspress

BIRMINGHAM, England – The Lamborghini of the leisure-vehicle world will be unveiled to the UK public at the 2016 Motorhome & Caravan Show (Oct 10-16) – it’s badged as the Morelo Empire Liner and its price is eye-watering.

Its manufacturer, German mobile-home specialist Morelo, says “the show-stopping super-liner’ has all the premium fittings expected of a home, including underfloor heating, rain shower and even a garage to store a car (a Lamborghini, perhaps, to shock the other campers?).

GIANT DOUBLE BED: The Morelo Liner can be furnished in any way the buyer wishes but this is cool. Image: Morelo/Newspress
GIANT DOUBLE BED: The Morelo Liner can be furnished in any way the buyer wishes but this is cool. Image: Morelo/Newspress

Apparently more than than a million leisure vehicles are in use in the UK and the leisure-vehicle industry contributes the equivalent of more than R105-billion (Oct 2016) to the UK economy through the value of holidays, vehicle sales and associated supplies and services.

It supports more than 130 000 jobs.


Many motorhome manufacturers, a media release from the UK told The Corner, are designing their vehicles to be as compact as possible but Morelo is apparently bucking this trend with the Empire Liner and its luxurious and spacious interior.

The smallest model in the Empire Liner range, the 90 L, at nine metres, the largest 110 GSO, a vast 11.3m in length. The Empire Liner (pictured) took a year to develop and is based on a Mercedes Atego chassis carrying a 7.7-litre, six-cylinder, engine that produces 225kW and twice the torque (1200Nm) of a Lamborghini Aventador.


It has the towing-power of a Toyota Hilux (more than 3.5 tonnes), the same power as a Mercedes-Benz C300, a six-speed autobox and measures (length/width/height) 10.29m x 2.5m x 3.72m.

The giant luxury bus has a huge sunroof that provides views of the clouds from the spacious double bed and the vehicle’s luxurious interior has features likely to attract A-list owners – it’s apparently particularly popular with the Formula 1 crowd.

Andreas Wolfer-Heimann, Morelo’s international sales manager, told The Corner: “We’re thrilled to unveil our latest luxury motorhome prototype at the Motorhome & Caravan Show. It’s the biggest such launch event in the UK so is an ideal opportunity for us to showcase our newest super-luxury vehicle.

Image: Morelo/Newspress
IF IT LOOKS LIKE A TRUCK… It could just be a Morelo super mobile home. Image: Morelo/Newspress

“We’ve spent almost a year designing and developing the Empire Liner and believe motorhome enthusiasts will be impressed by the craftsmanship and attention-to-detail on display.”

Morelo’s 100 GB model will be unveiled at the Motorhome & Caravan Show in Birmingham, central England, on October 11, along with displays featuring  the latest models from a host of motorhome and caravan manufacturers, including Swift, Bailey, Elddis, Coachman, Lunar and Adria.

If you’re reading this in Europe, tickets for the UK’s largest leisure-vehicle show start at £7.50 and includea free car park and show guide. Book on to the show’s website.

MOBILE KITCHEN: Beats the heck out of folding braai if you're going camping. Image: Morelo/Newspress
MOBILE KITCHEN: Beats the heck out of a folding braai if you’re going camping. Image: Morelo/Newspress

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