2017 BMW K1600 B: Image: BMW Motorrad
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BMW’s K1600 B brings class to the American ‘bagger’

Carman’s Corner has already carried a feature on the 2017 BMW K1600 six-cylinder tourer – now comes the Bagger for frequent long-distance touring.

2017 BMW K1600 B: Image: BMW MNotorrad
2017 BMW K1600 B: Image: BMW Motorrad

MUNICH, Germany – A “Concept 101” study released in early 2015 was an impressive new chapter for BMW Motorrad in its history of concept bikes: a luxury interpretation of horizon-to-horizon motorcycling evoking the freedom and embodiment of “grand American touring”.

It’s now become reality with the launch of a series version of the concept – the BMW K1600 B – the B standing for Bagger.

2017 BMW K1600 B: Image: BMW Motorrad
2017 BMW K1600 B: Image: BMW Motorrad

As what BMW Motorrad describes as “a high-performance, highly emotional and exclusive motorcycle”, the new K1600 B with the familiar six-cylinder in-line 118kW engine was as a concept already “the embodiment of the Spirit of the Open Road, synonymous with elegance, power and luxury on two wheels, transforming every road, every tour, every moment, into a particularly intense experience”.

DEFINITION: Bagger – a motorcycle equipped with saddlebags and other touring amenities.

Designwise, the new all-black (Blackstorm metallic / black for chassis parts and drivetrain) K1600 B is an exclusive custom bike of a type particularly popular in the USA – but ideal for the long open roads of South Africa.

“The characteristic properties of the Bagger,” Motorrad says, “are its drop-shaped silhouette, its highest point the front fairing, the stretched drop-like silhouette in a ‘streamlining”” style and the deep-set side cases with integrated rear lights.”

Chrome-plated silencers run parallel to the road – “an organic fit for the visual appeal of the Bagger”.

2017 BMW K1600 B: Image: BMW Motorrad
2017 BMW K1600 B: Image: BMW Motorrad

The motorcycle is based on technology used on the six-cylinder BMW K1600 GT tourer but with a backward-sloping design and completely reconstructed tail. This, Motorrad says, not only makes the Bagger look particularly low and slender but also reduces the pillion-seat height by seven cm.

The compartmentalised side cases (panniers) are accommodated for mounting/removal by a folding rear mudguard.

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The bike’s fairing with what is described as “a closely tailored, dynamic, windscreen” is described as looking particularly powerful and impressive. “For especially effective wind and weather protection the side-sections of the wind deflectors have been stretched further back.

“The mirrors match the design concept but have a particularly good view of following traffic thanks to large, aspherical, mirror surfaces with an element.”

As already reported by Carman’s Corner, the electronic “Road” and “Cruise” modes allow riding comfort, stability and dynamic performance – “an incomparable riding experience”.

2017 BMW K1600 B: Image: BMW MNotorrad
2017 BMW K1600 B: Image: BMW Motorrad

The standard “Road” sets the shock-absorbers damping to automatic for optimum traction on most surfaces but the K1600 offers very gentle damping in “Cruise” mode for comfort at low speeds.

There’s also a reversing mode that uses the starter motor for to assist human muscle power.


A wide range of BMW Motorrad accessories and options will be available. BMW says: “Nothing is left to be desired in terms of individualisation – comfortable footrests for the passenger and driver – the latter for particularly relaxed “feet-forward’ riding.

“There are also re-designed forged wheel rims with 11 double spokes to enhance the exclusivity of the Bagger.”

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