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Vivo! VW adds Storm to its list of ‘specials’


Vivo Polo Storm
STORM WARNNG: Add some bits and black rims and a fair few bucks and you can make waves withh the 2017 Vivo Polo Storm. Image: VWSA

UITENHAGE, Eastern Cape – VW SA has created a special version of its top-selling Polo Vivo, as a hatchback only, and badged it Storm. No doubt our younger drivers will love it.

It’s based on the 63kW, 1.4i, VW Trendline.

To distinguish the car from the ‘ordinary’ Vivo VW SA has added front foglights with chromed surrounds, 15″ black-metallic Tosa alloy wheel rims, glossy-black external mirrors, black decals and chrome-tipped double exhaust pipes.


The cabin has been upjacked with a two-tone facia – grey and ‘ceramique’ – the latter also added to the ventilation outlets, centre console, lower parcel trays and cupholder.

The steering-wheel, gearshifter gaiter and handbrake are leather-wrapped with grey stitching, the roof-lining is black and the upholstery “three-tone” with “ceramique” bolsters.

Sorry, VW has not enlarged on what ‘ceramique’ actually is and no interior images were supplied but at least the statement that the Storm will have a CD/radio with Bluetooth connectivity, SD Card, USB port and six speakers is easy to comprehend.

The VW Polo Vivo Storm will be tagged at R187 300. The basic models costs R179 500.

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