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Honda Clarity claims fuel-cell range record


  • Clarity Fuel Cell achieves 589km at 0.917 litres/100km
  • Best range of any car without combustion engine
  • Available end-2016 in sophisticated markets
Honda Clarity Fuel Cell
FUEL-CELL RECORD CLAIMED: A Honda Clarity Fuel Cell similar to this one has set a range record for non-combustion engined cars. Image: Honda Canada

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan has achieved an EPA-approved driving range rating of 589km at a fuel-economy rating of 109km/litre – if it had been burning petrol.

That, Honda points out, gives the car the best range rating of any electric vehicle without a combustion engine, including fuel-cell and batter vehicles, in the United States.


The Clarity Fuel Cell is also the first fuel-cell car to house its entire drivetrain under the bonnet rather than taking up boot space for fuel storage.

And the size of the fuel-cell stack has shrunk by a third despite increasing power density by 60% if compared to the Honda FCX Clarity.

That has all enabled a more spacious cabin with seating for five.


The automaker, with industry partners, wants to gather real-world users’ experiences with fuel-cell vehicles and the use of hydrogen refuelling stations. The first cars will arrive in Europe before the end of 2016.

Honda point out, however, that range will depend greatly on how owners drive their vehicle.

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