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Ryan Hunt: Four decades of MX triumphs


ryan hunt
SA’S WORLD BIKING CHAMPION: Ryan Hunt, at age 46, has won the 2016 MX3 Class overall to take his fourth decade of SA National MX titles – his lifetime goal. Image: Eric Palmer

Ryan Hunt (Team Tork Craft), at age 46, has won the 2016 MX3 Class overall to take his fourth decade of SA National MX titles – his lifetime goal.

No other South African has achieved this in a Motocross career – indeed, few have raced for 35 years, and still be winning, through four decades.


Hunt’s motocross career has to be the longest and most successful in the history of the sport in South Africa – a multiple motocross SA National champion with 12 overall SA National titles since he began racing back in the early 1980’s.

He’s won many SA events – Regional championships, local and International MX, Supercross -events here and in the UK, Europe and the USA and they were noticed: Hunt was awarded Springbok colours and a Protea Award for his successes.

ryan hunt
RYAN HUNT: He’s achieved his goal of racing in motocross through four decades. Image: Supplied

Overseas wins include the Masters Supercross class for three consecutive years at the Weston- Super-Mare Beach Race in the UK – a record in this event’s history. He was an SA team rider in the legendary Trophy des Nations and many other events in Europe and the USA.

He recently returned from the International MXDN World event at Fairleigh Castle in the UK, finishing 11th overall and taking the best overall position of the SA team; he has another big International event planned for November – the World Vets event at Glen Helen (see image below), again, in a South African team.

He won the 2016 SA National MX3 title the final challenge which he achieved in the penultimate round to earn his record four decades of SA National titles.

He said this week: “It’s gets a whole lot harder as one gets older but winning any SA National MX title has never been easy – we have some really talented riders in SA and the younger guys are really quick.


“Ian Topliss could well have taken the 2016 MX3 title – it would have gone to wire had he not crashed. I feel for him as I and many riders have been in the same position over the years.

“I have one more biggie – the International in the US in November – which I need to win overall to complete my 2016 season. It will be a really tough event – there will be riders from all over the world, many of them World champions. Then there are the very quick Americans who never seem to get old and are certainly outstanding as a team.”

What are his plans for 2017? He replied: “Who knows? There’s still some go in the old body and I still enjoy the sport.”

Hunt and a number of other MX Vets run and support a training school for young riders but for now the SA Team is off to the Californian Vets event – six riders once again taking the world.

ryan hunt
RACING AT GLEN HELEN: This is one of the favourite tracks raced by South African veteran multiple MX champion Ryan Hunt.

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