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Latest Triton pointed at SA for early 2017

  • New 2.4 MIVEC turbo common-rail diesel
  • Latest Super Select II all-wheel drive
  • Double-cab seating for five adults
2017 MITSUBISHI TRITON. Image: Mitsubishi/Quickpic
2017 MITSUBISHI TRITON: Adding space and luxury to an established brand with a lot of presence and a big five-seater double.cab. Image: Mitsubishi/Quickpic

Mitsubishi has confirmed the South African introduction of its all-new Triton SU (Sport Utility) for early 2017 – a model also expected in 2017 from Fiat as the Fullback, the latter named for American football players.

Mitsubishi says the, Triton SU will establish a benchmark in engine performance with the latest-generation 2.4-litre four-cylinder, DOHC MIVEC quad-valve turbocharged common-rail diesel engine.

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This powerful new engine features an aluminium cylinder block to save weight and can be paired with Mitsubishi’s latest six-speed manual or five-speed automatic gearbox.

It’s peak power, the automaker says, out-performs similar-sized engines at 133kW at 3500rpm and 430Nm from 2500rpm, with more than 350Nm available from 1500rpm.

Nic Campbell, Mitsubishi Motors SA’s general manager, told The Corner: “This combination provides a substantial improvement in low-end torque – more than 25% – over the previous 2.5 turbodiesel in the outgoing Triton.

2017 MITSUBISHI TRITON. Image: Mitsubishi/Quickpic
2017 MITSUBISHI TRITON: Long wheelbase, five adult seats, powerful engine, much more space than the Pajero. Image: Mitsubishi/Quickpic

“Our new lightweight turbodiesel has Mitsubishi’s latest MIVEC technology and weighs 30kg less than its predecessor – resulting in faster responses,, fuel consumption, handling, cornering and braking performance.”

The new MIVEC can be fitted with a five-speed auto or six-speed manual gearbox with the option of two- or all-wheel drive for both. Each gearbox has, the company says, seen “significantly redesigned” from its predecessor, the manual with shorter and smoother shifts, the auto with electronic shifting.

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The 4×4 drive train will come with the latest version of Mitsubishi’s Super Select II AWD with four driving modes engaged from an electronic drive-selector.

“This multifunction set-up,” Mitsubishi explains, “gives drivers precise control in challenging weather or on a loose surface; low-range, including a rear diff-lock, is essential for tough and technical off-road obstacles.”

The Triton distributes torque 40:60 front/rear through a centre differential which “not only makes the Triton SU perform like a true SUV on gravel and wet roads, but dramatically improves cornering”.

The revised distribution claims to deliver greater mechanical durability than the more usual 50:50 configuration used by 4×4 competitors.

2017 MITSUBISHI TRITON. Image: Mitsubishi/Quickpic
2017 MITSUBISHI TRITON. Image: Mitsubishi/Quickpic

The Triton cabin is said to combine the comfort of a car with the functionality of a multi-purpose utility with the Double Cab having “class-leading” leg- and head-room; the wider interior angle of the side windows expands shoulder space.

Crash avoidance/protection includes pre-tensioners on the seat-belts, crash bags, stability and traction control and anti-lock brakes.

SA’s Campbell added: “International reports have already found the Triton SU to be the most car-like pick-up to drive. Its light diesel engine, upgraded suspension and reduced NVH will impress owners with a comfortable ride uncompromised by the bakkie’s principles and multi-purpose functionality.”

The Triton SU replaces the Triton range introduced to South Africa in 2007.

The Triton SU will reach South African dealers in February 2017. Prices not yet available.

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