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SA’s Ryan Hunt, despite shunt, up front in US

  • SA Vet rider Ryan up with leaders at Glen Helen
  • ‘No quarter given in California’ – SA champion
  • Huge crowd watches four SA racers in US
BOLD CAPS: Tim Sharp (714) got the hole shot for the first moto of the Over-40 Pro class but lost the front end at the bottom of Shoei Hill fell, and broke a leg - look closely at the photo. SA's Ryan Hunt is on the outside No. 215). Image: Supplied
TOUGH FALL FOR TIM: Tim Sharp (714) got the hole shot for the first moto of the Over-40 Pro class but lost the front end at the bottom of Shoei Hill, fell, and broke a leg – look closely at the photo. SA’s Ryan Hunt is on the outside No. 215). Image: Annie A;;en

SOUTH AFRICAN rider Ryan Hunt took a comfortable fifth overall from the Over 40’s 2016 International World Vets race at the Glen Helen circuit in California USA at the weekend.

He was part of a team of four riders who went to the race weekend from South Africa.

It was Hunts second big International of ’16: he recently returned from the UK where he competed in the International World MXDN Vets event at Fairleigh Castle, finishing 11th overall – the best overall position of the SA team riders who took part.

He then returned to South Africa to clinch his 12th SA National MX title and set a record four decades of SA National Motocross championships.

OVERALL WINNER: Enter a caption new Zealander Daryl Hurley on his way to winning the class. Image: Annie Allen

Huge crowds attended the Glen Helen event in California to view some of the best teams and riders from all over the world with former World champions racing in two gruelling heats in which none appeared to have lost their touch and were remarkably quick.


Hunt told The Corner in a media release: “The two heats were some of the toughest racing I’ve experienced – no rider gave an inch as they fought for position – it really didn’t feel like an over-40’s Vets race.

“For starters, every rider wanted the hole shot and so we all had to ride like hell to keep position. Overtaking was another problem – nobody wanted to give up a position so rode defensively in both heats.

“I was happy with the result and really enjoyed the racing.”

New Zealander Daryl Hurley (Hus), who raced the AMA series for four years, easily won the Over-40 Pro class. He was one of 16 New Zealanders at the 2016 Dubya World Vets. Kurt Nicoll (KTM), a British World champion and winner at Glen Helen in 2015, was second overall followed Japan’s Kenjiro Tsuji (Hon), the best finish for a Japanese rider in the history of the event.

Fourth went to Spanish National champion Javier Garcia Vico (Hon) and then came South Africa’s Ryan Hunt (Hon).

The top 10 had riders from New Zealand, England, Japan, Spain, South Africa, Canada and the USA.

Glen Helen Raceway, California

Overall position and race finishes
1 Daryl Hurley (Hus) – 1-1
2 Kurt Nicoll (KTM) – 2-2
3 Kenjiro Tsuji (Hon) – 4-3
4 Javier Garcia Vico (Hon) – 3-4
5 Ryan Hunt (Hon) – 6-5
6 Gordon Ward (Yam) – 5-6
7 Brian Wheeler (Kaw) – 8-7
8 Julian Cerny (Kaw) – 7-8
9 Jeff Willoh (Suz) – 11-9
10 Brandon Milstead (Yam) – 10-10
11 Ron Lechien (Kaw) – 12-11
12 Shawn Wynne (YAM) – 13-12
13 Mike Reefman (Yam) – 9-17
14 James Lavender (Kaw) – 15-13
15 John Kirkcaide (Hus) – 18-14
16 Ed Foedish (Yam) – 17-15
17 Aaron Hunt (Yam) – 19-16
18 Jurgen Kuppers (Kaw) – 16-21
19 Chad Hartman (Kaw) – 21-18
20 Geoff Walker (Suz) – 20-19

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