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Bosch integration adds apps to bikes

  • Apps for motorcycles, all two-wheelers
  • First solution on BMW bikes’ TFT cluster
  • MySPIN modular approach allows adaptation
Bosch motorcycle apps: Image: Bosch
MySPIN IN ACTION: Bosch motorcycle apps can be programmed to do pretty much anything. They’re on display at Eicma2016. Image: Bosch

MILAN, Italy – Bosch is presenting its MySPIN smartphone integration system for two-wheelers here at Eicma 2016 with Bosch and BMW focusing on connectivity.

Bosch will show its smartphone integration in a BMW motorcycle TFT instrument cluster with Geoff Liersch, head of the the Bosch two-wheeler and powersports business unit explaining:

“MySPIN for two-wheelers enables riders to bring their smartphone content to the motorcycle. It also provides all vehicle manufacturers with an open platform with an extensive range of options.”


MySPIN has been available for cars since 2014; adaptation to motorcycles is new and described as “the perfect solution for sharing information such as traffic conditions or route preferences with other bikers”.

Bosch paid special attention during development to road-safety and avoiding rider-distraction by “paring-down phone apps to show only essential information on the motorcycle’s display”.

Here’s how it works:

Bosch motorcycle apps: Image: Bosch
Bosch motorcycle apps: Image: Bosch

Once a smartphone is connected to the motorcycle the bike’s display and handlebar controls can be used to access data – contacts, calendars, favorite apps – to allow inter-app communication for tasks such as entering satnav destinations. MySPIN is fully compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

It can also be adapted to any original manufacturer’s specs by adding them to a white list which can be updated and expanded as required.

For motorcycles, the bikemaker decides which type and how many apps it wants but can expand the system’s features later with more apps.


Using the app analytics function, bikemakers can also identify frequently-used apps to optimise their customer offering.

MySPIN, Bosch explains, works through the bike’s CAN bus and the cloud to support a range of functions. For instance, if fuel is getting low the rider can be shown upcoming fuel stations.

Or it can be used to establish a direct comms channel between rider and bikemaker to expand customer services such as dealers’ special offers.

Bosch motorcycle apps: Image: Bosch
Bosch motorcycle apps: Image: Bosch

Bosch has also announced collaboration with two app partners: REVER and Genius Maps, the former providing an extensive portfolio of tailored biking functions for motorcyclists (tracking, self-service analytics, connected motorcycle communities) and the latter bike-optimised satnav, including instant calculation, offline route-planning and in-app texting.


To refine MySPIN, Bosch has set up an email contact (developer.myspin@bosch.com) so developers, enthusiasts – anybody keen to share app ideas for motorcycles, bicycles, or others in the powersports segment.

The range of apps available with MySPIN wil be constantly expanded – locally, regionally and globally.

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