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VW e-Golf: Longer range, more speed, all-digital

  • More power promised – and more speed
  • Fully digital and ‘gesturised’ instrument display 
  • One of few four-door battery-cars available 
VW goes electric
VW GOLF GOES ELECTRIC – BUT BETTER: The second-generation of VW’s e-Golf has more power, longer range and higher top speed. Images: Newspress / VW Germany

LOS Angeles, California – Volkswagen is using the 2016 Los Angeles auto show to punt a fresh generation of its electric Golf.

VW said at the show that, compared to its predecessor, this zero-emissions battery-car has more power, a longer range and more features – among them digital instruments and ‘gesture control’.

VW goes electric
EVERYTHING MADE CLEAR: The info screen in standard mode; steering-wheel controls for phone and audio. Images: Newspress / VW Germany

For sure most of Carman’s Corner’s growing readership will immediately ask: ‘OK, then, how far can it go?’ To which VW replies:

“In terms of an annual average relevant to customers, the e-Golf will now cover up to 200km or more (so, VW, which is it? – Editor) in everyday driving before its battery pack is depleted.”


Then VW does, of course, add the caveat “depending on driving style and the use of air-conditioning”. This, the automaker adds, “represents a range extension of around 50%” before continuing:

“Its driving range in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) is as far as 300km – which will make the four-door e-Golf the top choice for people who want to make a statement with a high-quality, all-round zero-emissions, vehicle.”

VW goes electric
MORE DIGITAL MAGIC:  The e-Golf has an efficient autobox and, above it, a digital screen to display heating/ventilation choices. Image: Newspress / VW Germany

However VW adds that the-Golf is especially suited for commuting – its preferred terrain metropolitan areas and densely populated countries. “The fact is,” VW pointed out in LA, “those who wish can immediately switch over to this zero-emissions VW as their main personal car.”

The 2017 e-Golf has a new lithium-ion battery-pack whose energy capacity has been increased from 24.2 to 35.8kWh and can be charged to 80% capacity in an hour at a proper direct-current charging station.


A domestic – perhaps overnight – home charge or one from a plug in the office car-park will reach 100% charge in a maximum of six hours and, VW adds:

“The energy is converted into propulsion more impressively than previously. The electric motor now develops 100kW, 15kW more than the first version of the e-Golf, and maximum torque has risen from 270 to 290Nm.”

That data, VW says, shows energy consumption unchanged from the previous car despite better efficiency, Its 0-100km/h time down from 10.5 to 9.6sec and top speed has risen from 140 to 150km/h.

The car’s front and rear styling has been amended and “newly conceptualised” full-LED head- and tail-lights installed.

VW goes electric
TOTALLY DIGITAL: The e-Golf’s has a 23cm screen ahead of the driver that can be configured with hand gestures (don’t be rude, now!) Images: Newspress / VW Germany

The car’s standard new digital instruments include – VW claims it’s a first for a battery-car – an infotainment system called Discover Pro that can be operated by gestures.

Options include Traffic Jam Assist (semi-autonomous driving up to 60km/h), pedestrian warning, auto emergency braking and automatic stopping should the driver have a medical emergency – a heart attack, perhaps?

But back to the instrument display… everything is shown on the 23cm screen. The driver’s choice of information profiles will, VW says, change the type of data displayed and, in certain areas, the graphics.

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“Whenever it is needed,” the automaker says, “information can be integrated on driving, navigation and assistance functions and data such as phone contacts, images or CD covers.”

Menus can be moved left or right with hand gestures. It is also, for the first time in a Golf, possible to individually configure the home screen.

VW goes electric
VW GOES ELECTRIC: The second-generation electric VW Golf is a four-door, something of a rarityamong battery cars.  Images: Newspress / VW Germany

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