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‘Raging Bull’: Is it the world’s hottest Harley?

  • Meet the four stages of possible power
  • Double the grunt of a standard Harley
  • SAC add new meaning to ‘go the whole Hog’
SAC RAGING BULL: Images: SAC / Motorpress
SAC RAGING BULL: Parts and programming can change a mild-mannered Harley-Davidson into a real tar-tearer. Images: SAC / Motorpress

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – When SAC (Steve’s Auto Clinic) is mentioned as a South African tuning house brain images are usually conjured of fat-tyred, yet understated, muscle cars.

How about, instead, you imagine a Harley-Davidson Rocker C with 113kW on tap and the potential to leave a black streak down the freeway? That indeed is what Steve and his crew have produced…

Here’s the background – and the images…


SAC in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, self-described as “an independent H-D specialist” has produced the SAC Raging Bull version of the FXCWC Rocker C and believes it is “probably the world’s strongest, everyday, good ole pump fuel, air-cooled Harley”.

SAC Raging Bull says it has put the ‘Raging Bull’ part of their logo (see image) on the Hog and given it “close to modern superbike power”.

SAC RAGING BULL: Images: SAC / Motorpress
SAC RAGING BULL: Watch out for this logo at the lights – and think twice about a challenge. Images: SAC / Motorpress

In standard form, SAC says, the fuel-injected, counter-balanced twin-cam, 1584cc engine runs a 9.2:1 compression ratio and is good for only 48kW and 120Nm – the data are measured at the wheel on an all-wheel-drive dyno for the performance upgrades.


The Rocker C weighs more than 300kg so the sub-50kW output is not, SAC says, “lilkely to excite anybody with petrol in their veins”.

However SAC Raging Bull likes to offer a number of stages of performance upgrade. For this machine, the Stage 1 upgrade changes the air filter and exhaust to free-flow high-performance units and sets up the engine with an SAC USB Tuning Key.

The result is 63kW / 37Nm.

The SAC USB Tuning Key is similar to the Screamin’ Eagle Race Tuner, the tuning huse says. “It is invisible. It consists of a software downloadl – no hardware is wired into the system.

“It is super-reliable and enables SAC Raging Bull to fine-tune every aspect of the engine necessary when doing upgrades.

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“Fitting parts is one thing, tuning these motorcycles is an integral part of any performance upgrade. Harleys need to be tuned properly or they become very unpleasant to ride, generate plenty excessive heat and, in some cases, misfire and surge at low engine revs.

“That damages pistons, combustion chamber and valves.”

SAC RAGING BULL: Images: SAC / Motorpress


Stage 2 sees the cylinder heads given a mild gas-flow and workover, mild cams and a bigger throttle body, and the Tuning Key treatment. The result: 72kW / 145Nm.

If 1688cc pistons are fitted the numbers will be 81kW / 170Nm.

Stage three is about compression and revs. High-compression 103 cubic pistons are fitted because, SAC says, “if there is one thing a Harley-Davidson motorcycle likes it’s more compression”.

Slightly wilder cams and an Akropovic exhaust take things to 99kW) / 180Nm across a far wider and higher-revving power band.

SAC RAGING BULL: Images: SAC / Motorpress
SAC RAGING BULL: Shining light in the bike conversion battle. Images: SAC / Motorpress

Now the Raging Bull has around twice the power of a standard Rocker C and perhaps the reader will think this is enough but the Stage 4 uses 1851cc high-compression pistons and wild RX267 cams, the cylinder heads are reworked and bigger valves fitted, the compression is bumped up to 11.5:1 and high-flow oil- and fuel pumps fitted along with an uprated clutch able to take 116kW / 200Nm.


Each upgrade, SAC says, uses Harley-Davidson parts, is reliable, and burns normal 95-octane pump fuel. It can be ridden as a normal everyday cruiser… or really used to feel and understand acceleration that’s only a twist of the wrist away.

“Everything happens,” SAC says, “way quicker than you could ever believe possible with a Harley-Davidson.”

This multi-stage method of performance upgrade is available throughout the Harley-Davidson range. To find out more call SAC Raging Bull on +27 (0)16 981 7199, email  to or visit the SAC Raging Bull website.

SAC RAGING BULL: Images: SAC / Motorpress

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