VOLVO STRETCHES OUT: Meet the coming S90 supersedans from China. Image: Volvo Cars
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Just out, but Volvo updates 90 Series cars

Volvo S90 exterior with a range of concierge services
STILL BRAND-NEW, BUT UPDATE ON THE WAY: The Volvo S90 exterior with a range of concierge services. Image: Volvo / Newspress

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Volvo Cars’ 90 series cars, launched not long ago, have been further improved with safety, power-train and connectivity updates, among them Android Auto

The Swedish automaker’s smartphone integration offer, which already includes Apple CarPlay, will now come with Android Auto functionality in Volvo’s large driver interface.

Peter Mertens, responsible for Volvo Car Group R&D, claimed in a media release sent to The Corner: “Volvo Cars is the only automaker with a split-screen interface that allows use of both smartphone functions and in-car features without changing views.

“This is a safety-related feature to make our interface the easiest-to-use on the market. Our Over-The-Air update means the driver will always have the latest maps.”

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Volvo also says it has applied its “safety thinking” to the connected car by delivering two new and connected safety systems to the XC90, S90 and V90 – ‘Slippery Road Alert’ and ‘Hazard Light Alert’ – (Volvo capitals) which use the cloud to share safety-critical data between cars.

Mertens added: “Today’s Volvos contain many safety sensors. We believe sharing safety information about road conditions and hazards is a useful way to use the information the car is already gathering.

“With ‘Connected Safety’ we are helping to define a completely new type of road safety.”


Slippery Road Alert increases the driver’s awareness of current road conditions and those ahead by collecting road-surface information from cars ahead.

Hazard Light Alert warns that hazard lights are flashing on other as-yet invisible cars on the road ahead – particularly useful when approaching a blind corner, in heavy rain or snow, or over the crest of a hills.

These two systems will go live first in Sweden and Norway and then in other markets.

Volvo has also added more Drive-E powertrains that deliver a balance of fuel economy and performance. The D3 four-cylinder diesel with a new six-speed transmission will deliver 4.3 litres/100km in the S90. The cars will also be available with all-wheel drive.

The updated models are already (Nov 2016) in production in Sweden.

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