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Tired of dinged rims? Here’s a solution…

  • Large-profile alloy wheel-rim protection
  • AlloyGators for wheels 12-24″ diameter
  • Customise rims with tough nylon rims edging
AlloyGator wheel-rim guards. Image: Supplied
AlloyGator wheel-rim guards. Image: Supplied

DRIVERS OF SUV’s and other large vehicles can now protect their precious alloy wheel-rims from damage with the latest protection specialists AlloyGator.

The larger kits are available for rims from 12-24″ diameter thanks to the rapid global growth in the SUV and crossover markets.

The company said: “They will provide the same protection as the original award-winning AlloyGators yet have a smooth rounded edge for an aesthetically softer look and a branded and embossed clip for additional security.”

WATCH A VIDEO for more AlloyGator information

Company MD Curt Rathbone told The Corner in a media release: “It seems every manufacturer is jumping on the SUV bandwagon – even Bentley has launched one, as have Jaguar with its F-Pace, Porsche with the Cayenne and Lamborghini will launch its appears to Urus in 2017.

“An SUV is no longer just for off-roading… they’re expensive, high-end, luxury vehicles, many of which will only ever see city streets, so it’s increasingly important that their wheels are protected.”

AlloyGator wheel-rim guards. Image: Supplied
AlloyGator wheel-rim guards. Image: Supplied

In Britain in 2015 80 SUV models were registered and their sales accounted for 25% of the UK new-car market – that’s 26% up on 2014. Find a South African fitter/dealer.


“The number of people opting for a large vehicle as their daily drive is growing.” Rathbone added, “but they’re not easy to park or drive around town. However, with AlloyGators fitted, there’ll be no worries about scuffing up their expensive wheels.”

The guards are available in a range of colours, including discreet black and silver, as well as more dramatic options such as sky blue.

AlloyGator has undergone rigorous MIRA testing and is compatible with most wheel types and combinations. They are available to buy online from AlloyGator for the equivalent of about R1500 per set. For more information go to the company’s website.

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