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Car-park creche: Pet names for your baby on wheels

  • Game of the car name still widely played
  • Most popular is an SA rugby player
  • ‘Personalised’ pet names alive and revving

HAVE YOU given your car a pet name? If you have then you’re one of many according to recent research that shows almost one in seven people name their car.

Women, however, are more than twice as likely to tag their wheels.

Nearly 1000 drivers were quizzed by to study such emotional attachments and the results have exposed the name most often chosen:

It’s… ‘The Beast’!

Close behind are Arnie, Pixie, Leo and Suzi.


The findings, BuyaCar suggested, show people still attribute a personality to their car despite modern vehicles often being accused of lacking the character of their older counterparts.

It also turns out that 30% of women give their car a pet name – but only half as many men. Chosen names also suggest girls and women are the more zany.

*Have you given a car a pet name? Then send it with your name and town/village and year/model to like this:
Fred Ford – Les Stephenson, Cape Town (1986 Ford Escort XR3) classified the 139 names revealed in their survey as ‘male’, ‘female’ or ‘silly’ and discovered that men chose evenly between the three categories. Women were more likely to choose less conventional names – with a leaning towards cartoon characters such as Asterix or Bambi.


‘Beasts’ included a diesel Vauxhall Astra, a SsangYong Rodius, a Fiat Grande Punto and a Nissan Elgrand van. Among the ‘Pixies’ were a Skoda Superb estate and a Jaguar XF, Leo went to a Peugeot 3008 and a Lexus IS 300h, Arnie to and Audi A4 Avant, a VW Golf and a Fiat Punto.

Suzi… well, if you can’t figure that out…

Austin Collins, MD of BuyaCar, drives a VW Scirocco (unnamed!). “On the face of it,” he said, “our survey looks like just a bit of fun but it does reveal how attached some people are to their car – after all, we don’t name our fridge or bicycle.

“Our findings tie in with the trend toward personalising cars and show that perhaps the belief that vehicles of today have less ‘personality’ is wrong.”


For the record: Our Editor Les had a 1986 Ford Escort 1.6 XR3 called Fred, a name used by his whole family, as in “…are you going to work in Fred today?” Now his daughter Danielle has a Chevrolet Spark called Sparky.


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