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Tiguan to get longer tail to carry more humans

  • Volkswagen expands to a new longer version
  • ‘First look’ to be at 2017 Detroit auto show
  • 11cm added to wheelbase, 7 passengers
2017 VW TIGUAN: Image: VW/Newspress
2017 VW TIGUAN ALLSPACE: Image: VW/Newspress

WOLFBURG, Germany – Volkswagen will launch another version of its Tiguan (if we remember correctly, it’s a mix of tiger and leguan) midsize SUV in 2017, one with a longer tail and capable of seating seven passengers.

The German automaker is calling it the Allspace (not to be confused with the food flavorant) in Europe but simply Tiguan in other markets. Probably because they don’t know what a leguan is.


The cars will be shown for the first time in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show in January but no doubt with much smaller wheels than these – a visual aid every car designer does on sketches to make their product sexier.

Wish they wouldn’t… anyway the Allspice (sorry, Allspace) will first be sprinkled in North America, then China and Europe – the last usually the time taken to reach us here at the bottom of Africa.

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“As the name suggests,” VW says, “this new and longer version of the Tiguan has more cabin space on a longer wheelbase (+11cm) which also permits greater flexibility in the interior.

“The Tiguan Allspace will have an attractive range of equipment features.”

2017 VW TIGUAN: Image: VW/Newspress
2017 VW TIGUAN ALLSPACE: Image: VW/Newspress

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