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Classic Castrol R – the laxative for your car’s engine

  • Touch of nostalgia returns to tracks
  • Better lube properties claimed -for everything
  • Multiple claims – including better ‘oiliness’

The Castrol Classic team has brought back the famous aroma of Castrol R40 – known to all as the Castrol R – for all racing two- and four-stroke motorcycles and cars – on and off-road.

It can be used in racing engines, in gearboxes, as a two-stroke mix, even added to normal four-stroke engines and is made from the crushed seeds of the castor plant – a plant largely native to Africa and India.

Now you know where the brand name comes from – a corruption of Castoroil.

REMEMBER THE SMELL? Well, it's back in the form of Castrol R40 and is available to enthusiasts in South Africa. Image: Supplied
REMEMBER THE SMELL? Well, it’s back in the form of Castrol R40 and is available to enthusiasts in South Africa. Image: Supplied

It’s also used as a laxative and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action on humans and is rich in vitamin E. but its taste is awful.


Castrol Classic team Paul Williams and Giovanni Schule told The Corner in a media release: “We’ve had huge demand from suppliers and end-users to make this product available not only because of its multiple uses but also because of its great aroma.

“That smell is remembered by all motorsport fans – you could smell it at all race-tracks.”

Castrol R 40 SAE 40 4T Racing Engine Oil is castor oil-based and for motorcycles and classic or racing applications. It has additives to prevent rapid deterioration through oxidation and its ‘oiliness’ is claimed to be superior to that of mineral oils.

“The oil was developed to have a great affinity for hot internal engine surfaces and provides excellent load capabilities,” its suppliers said – “something of high importance for racing engines running at sustained peak revolutions”.

“It’s used in racing engines, gearboxes and even as a two-stroke mix.”

Cars such as Peugeot have bronze components in their differential so use Castrol R exclusively.

Williams added: “I recently went to watch two-stroke motorcycle racing at Silverstone in England. They were using the product and I knew the smell from years of being in the business. The technical guys said Castrol R is now branded as Castrol 4T Racing Oil SAE 40.”


He claimed many motorcycle and car owners who know the product pour a capful into their fuel tank just to get the aroma and that “it offers the best-possible performance coupled with reliability and safety at ultra-high engine speeds and temperatures”.

He warned, however, never to mix Castrol R40 with mineral or synthetic oils or to leave the oil for long periods of time if the engine is not being used.

Drain the oil if you are going to leave it stationery for a period and replace when you are ready to roll again.

For more information call Giovanni Schule 011 465-8294 or 082 786-3044 or e-mail There is also a local website

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