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Opel Germany sets course for the future

  • Eisenach to assemble Mokka X successor from 2019
  • Corsa and Adam successors from Zaragoza
  • Production, logistics being made more efficient
2017 Opel Mokka
2017 Opel Mokka Image: Opel Germany / Newspress

RüSSELSHEIM, Germany – Opel is setting a new course “to make production in Europe more efficient” by arranging for production of the Mokka X SUV in Eisenach as of 2019.

The successors to the Corsa and the Aadam will be assembled in Zaragoza as of 2019.

Philip Kienle, vice-president for manufacturing, told The Corner in a media release:
“The revised allocations will make production considerably more efficient. The focused allocation of individual cars to a production site enables synergies in assembly and improved logistics.

“We’re taking an important step towards the future.”


Wolfgang Schäfer-Klug, chairman of the general works council, also backed the importance of the new allocation: “This decision secures jobs in each plant. Based on our IG Metall collective agreement, we have acheived the long-term use of Eisenach and Zaragoza.”

Jörg Köhlinger, district manager of the IG Metall trade union, added: “The implementation of the future collective agreement shows how right this agreement was and is. Everybody involved has helped set a course that will secure the future of the sites and jobs while also shaping the future of the Opel sites.”

The Mokka X, Corsa and Adam, Opel says, are three of the most popular cars produced by the Rüsselsheim-based automaker with about 670 000 Opel Mokka or Mokka X units. 630 000 Corsas and 225,000 Adams sold.

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