2017 JEEP COMPASS Image: Jeep / Newspress USA
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New Jeep Compass top-end on all points

⦁ Interior with high-quality materials and comms tech
⦁ ‘Exceptional’ on-road driving dynamics
⦁ 17 power train options for markets around the world

2017 JEEP COMPASS Image: Jeep / Newspress USA
2017 JEEP COMPASS Image: Jeep / Newspress USA

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan – The 2017 Jeep Compass, just launched, is claiming to be “an unmatched combination of attributes” as it heads into production in four countries – none of them America.

Nope, the new 4×4 range will be distributed from plants in Brazil, China, Mexico and India to more than 100 countries, including South Africa, with, the automaker says:

2017 JEEP COMPASS Image: Jeep / Newspress USA
2017 JEEP COMPASS Image: Jeep / Newspress USA
  • Best-in-class 4×4 off-road capability
  • Advanced fuel-efficient power trains
  • Premium and authentic Jeep design (but not with “Made in the USA” stamped under the bonnet – Ed)
  • Superior on-road driving dynamics
  • Innovative safety and advanced technology

The Compass will be assembled in four trim configurations: Sport, Latitude, Limited and Trailhawk with two “intelligent” full-time 4×4 systems, either able to send total torque to all, some or any single whee in high- or low-range in as many as five drive modes… oh, OK: Auto, Snow, Sand and Mud, Rock.

All-wheel drive is on call, Jeep says, “instantly” and in high or low-range.

The Compass Trailhawk is said to deliver “best-in-class” 4×4 capability with a 20:1 crawl ratio, Rock mode, extra ride-height, skid plates, 30-degree approach / 24-degree breakover / 34-degree departure and close to 50cm wading depth.

The cars are also rated to tow up to 900kg.

2017 JEEP COMPASS Image: Jeep / Newspress USA
2017 JEEP COMPASS Image: Jeep / Newspress USA

Three petrol and two diesel engines will be offered, depending on country, and nine-speed auto, six-speed manual and, for 4×2 units, a six-speed auto.

The traditional Jeep seven-slot grille has been given a new look with each chromed slot inset into black. The headlights match with a black outline and a black roof, Jeep believes, “adds a premium appearance” – especially if the two-piece sunroof is ordered.

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The tail light clusters employ diode illumination and flow, Jeep says, into a power-operated tail door.

The cabin has a trapezoidal centre stack that houses a 13, 18 or 21cm touchscreen and indicators for gear choice, Selec-Terrain, parking brake, stop/start invocation, aircon and audio controls.


Another screen, nine or 18cm, drive configurations and the steering-wheel carries audio, voice and speed controls. Storage solutions include a mesh pocket in the front passenger’s footwell to coddle a notebook or tablet; the boot floor can be set to several levels.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are installed in the cars.

Jeep says the Compass has more than 70 available active and passive crash protection and security features all contained within the car’s “safety cage”, among them: collision and lane-departure warnings, blind-spot monitors, reversing camera, stability control and seven crash bags.

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