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2017 Tiguan diesels hot for the rough stuff

⦁ Four engines added to model range
⦁ AWD with more-powerful engines
⦁ Sports-car performance figures

CAPS FOR CAPTION: Image: VW / Quickpic

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – Volkswagen SA has at last added three diesel and one petrol engine to the Tiguan model range to join the two rather puny 1.4 TSI engines (92kW and 110kW) available at the cars’ launch in South Africa..

The newcomers are 2.0 TDI units with power that ranges through 81/105/130kW and a range-topping 2.0 TSI petrol capable of a mighty 162kW and 4Motion all-wheel drive has been added to the drivetrain specs.

CAPS FOR CAPTION: Image: VW / Quickpic

‘Global warming’ which has, conversely, brought tougher winters to Europe in recent years has caused an upsurge in 4×4 vehicles – the scorn that used to be poured on Chelsea Tractors ‘up north’ now consigned to an ill-considered history – so much so that all-wheel drive is a key feature for many Tiguan customers.


VW Europe says the system “has great grip on the roughest roads and in the worst weather, constantly monitoring road conditions and reacting instantly to the slightest wheel slip by sending more torque to the wheels with the most grip”.

The differential works with the cars’ other active safety systems – anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control and its all made even more effective with the latest Tiguan because its ground clearance has been increased by a centimetre to just over 20cm.

Customers here in Africa, however (we don’t get that much snow!) can add and off-road package with an amended nose that increases the obstacle approach angle from 18.3 to 24.7 degrees. The rear departure angle and ramp angle remain at 24.7 and 20 degrees.

CAPS FOR CAPTION: Image: VW / Quickpic

Hauling muscle can handle up to 2200kg, depending on engine and gearbox.

“Off-road,” VW declares, “the new Tiguan is nothing short of a confident trailblazer. The electronic accelerator pedal can be metered precisely as the intelligence of the dual clutch gearbox allows it to upshift later.

“The driver can avoid mandatory shifts by changing gears with the tip gate (+/-), which also invokes engine braking by deactivating ‘automatic free-wheeling’ – otherwise used for battery charging.”


The 2.0 TDI with 81kW/280Nm is the least-expensive diesel; a four-cylinder common-rail with which fuel consumption as low (VW data) as 5.2 litres/100km is possible. It comes only with a six-speed manual transmission.

The 2.0 TDI that delivers 105kW/340Nm can reach 100km/h in 9.5sec (as usual, we ask ‘Who cares?’) and top speed is 197km/h though less ecstatic driving can make 6.1 litres/100km – all achieved through a seven-speed DSG transmission.


The 130kW/380Nm 2.0 TDI is even faster to 100km/h and capable, we’re told, of 207km/h – after which you could spend several years in jail if you were that stupid. It also drives through the seven-speed auto.

Each, however, will be eclipsed (should you have a handy racetrack with a looong straight) by the 162kW 2.0 TSI engine which joins the two 1.4 TSI engines (92kW and 110kW) available at launch.

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Maximum torque from the 2.0 TSI is listed as 350Nm from 1500rpm with which your racetrack outing might be crowned by 0-100 in 6.5sec and 220km/h. Yes, the seven-speed DSG again, through which, VW says, 7.8 litres/100km is possible – provided you avoid racetracks – thanks to stop/start ignition and battery recharging..

Options include a sunroof, detachable towball, diode headlights package, R-Line exterior package with 19 or 20″ Suzuka alloy wheel rims, head-up display, parallel parking assistance with rear camera, 20cm info screen with satnav, 16.5cm radio info screen, following cruise-control, ambient cabin lighting, keyless locking/ignition and a power tail door. (Prices below image.)

CAPS FOR CAPTION: Image: VW / Quickpic

PRICES (inc VAT and emissions tax)
1.4 TSI 92kW Trendline – R384 100
1.4 TSI 92kW Comfortline – R425 300
1.4 TSI 110kW Comfortline DSG – R465 000
2.0 TDI 81kW Comfortline – R469 500
2.0 TDI 105kW Comfortline 4MOTION DSG – R523 800
2.0 TSI 162kW Highline 4MOTION DSG – R542 200
2.0 TDI 130kW Highline 4MOTION DSG – R549 500

The Tiguan will be delivered with a five-year or 90 000km service plan, three-year or 120 000km warranty and a 12-year anti-corrosion warranty. Service intervals 15 000km.

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