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Honda Twins reach new – and frozen! – heights

  • Honda five  on top of the world
  • Only two-metre snow stopped bike
  • Africa Twins take on volcano deep-freeze
Image: Honda UK / Newspress
Image: Honda UK / Newspress

SANTIAGO, Chile – A year after its return to Honda’s motorcycle range the Africa Twin has reached new heights by breaking the record for the highest altitude yet reached by a twin-cylinder motorcycle.

Image: Honda Motorcycles / Newspress
Image: Honda Motorcycles / Newspress

The choice for the record was the world’s highest active volcano, the Nevado Ojos del Salado between Argentina and Chile up whose slopes a team of five riders each road an Africa Twin to a record-breaking 5965m above sea level.

Fabio Mossini, enduro champion from Honda’s Sud America race team, was chosen to reach the record before further progress was halted by two metres of snow.


The international team completed the ascent within 24 hours after five days of acclimatisation aboard standard Africa Twins modified with  a Termignoni exhaust, revised final sprockets, new Metzeler MC360TM tyres and a range of Honda accessories, .

Their route took them, in temperatures as low as -5 Celsius, over broken asphalt and gravel and through mud, sand and ice pockets known as ‘penitentes’ “to underline the Africa Twin’s credentials as the best-performing off-road motorcycle in its class”.

Image: Honda Motorcycles / Newspress
Image: Honda Motorcycles / Newspress

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