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These TCX fashion boots were made for biking

  • Touch of style to withstand the weather
  • Several colours – special deal for ladies
  • Full protection from road and rain
FASHION BOOTS MADE FOR BIKING: Biker boots don’t have to be black and clunky. TCX in the UK has created the biker sneaker, waterproof and protective.  Image: Newspress

BIKER fashion usually runs to leathers – some with brand colours – and big, chunky, boots – all of which is a problem when a destination is reached when less assertive bodywear is required.

The boots are the biggest problem and for years bikers have wished for lighter, more fashionable, footwear capable of withstanding all weathers.

Meet the ‘biker sneaker’ – rather expensive sort-of-boots from Italian footwear brand TCX. They’re branded as Street Ace WP (we’d guess the WP stands for ‘weather protection”) and are intended to look good on – and off – the saddle.


They’re cobbled from full-grain, vintage-look, leather with a classic lacing system for a secure fit and are said to have “a sharper design of uppers and a redesigned sole with tread guaranteed to give the ultimate grip”.

The boots are certified for purpose and feature protection at toe, heel and ankle and have a waterproof lining. Which brings up the question of price… and the answer, in the UK, is £120 where they are available in black, two shades of brown, and grey.

£120 converts to about R1980 (March 2017).


A version is available in the UK for female riders who apparently have feet of a shape different to that of males. Their construction is different, too: a special four-tier structure comprised of a detachable anti-bacterial foot-bed, an insert to absorb vibration, and a thermoplastic foot-bed.

The sole includes a 2.5cm inner heel; the price tag is the same as the male version but in only three colours – Dark Lady (black with studs), Dark Grey, and Cold Grey/Fuchsia.

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