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SA vets to challenge world again at Farleigh Castle

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – South African veteran Motocross champions will once again compete in the annual international MXDN World Veterans event at Farleigh Castle in England.

They are four-times Springbok MX champion Ryan Hunt, Germany-based motocross legend, multiple SA National champion and international GP rider Colin Dugmore, Springbok and SA National champion Tony Riddell, and Andre David who has spent many years racing in the UK’s MX2 and MX1 two-stroke championships.


Once again they will take on the world’s top veterans; each, except for Dugmore, has represented South Africa in the 2016 and earlier Farleigh Castle events.

Gavin Williams of Global ASP will again supply and sponsor the pre-1989 motocross machines from his huge collection of rebuilds.

Hunt told The Corner: “The team owes big thanks to Gavin and his collection of superb MX machinery and for all his motorcycle preparation and fantastic support for a second year.


“This event is expensive. The team members pay a lot of the costs themselves but this year we need help with air fares, accommodation and shipping the bikes and parts to the UK – we are still looking for sponsors.” (See contact numbers below.)

Williams added that the event was one of the toughest for international veterans, mainly due to the older machinery.


“Any rider has to get used to riding the bikes,” he explained. “They’re very different to anything they usually ride – much heavier, handling is a challenge with far less suspension, and they certainly don’t stop as well as the latest stuff!

“One must be super-fit to ride them on what is considered to be one of the most demanding circuits in the UK.”


Potential sponsors can contact Gavin Williams on +27 (0)21 702-9300 or +27 (0)82 551-3263 or e-mail or Ryan Hunt on +27 (0)11 314-7711 or +27 (0)83 252-9805 or e-mail

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