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Diesel ban coming – but UK rental customers say ‘We want it!’

LONDON, England – Just as the threat of a total UK ban on diesel cars has started to hang over UK car buyers so rental company Europcar has announced that its customers prefer the economy of  such vehicles.

Especially as the UK media made much of diesel cars being taken off the market, but made litte of the fact that Euro6 diesel is not included in that plan.

Nearly two-thirds of (63%) surveyed in February 2017 by Europcar UK said they would prefer diesel when hiring a car and, even worse for air-quality lobbyists, 78% said they would not want to hire an electric car.


Europcar UK’s MD Gary Smith told The Corner in a media release: “We’re working hard to overcome motorists’ ‘range anxiety’ about electric vehicles but it’s also  interesting to see the continued appetite for diesel despite recent government and media focus on this fuel.

“UK drivers are wise to the fact that the newest diesels – Euro 6,- which makes up all of the Europcar UK fleet – are widely regarded as delivering great fuel economy as well as reducing CO2 emissions.”

The Euro 6 standard was introduced in September 2015 to reduce levels of harmful car and van exhausts,  petrol and diesel  – and the British government’s recently proposals for improving air quality across the UK clearly state that the new Euro 6 diesels will not face any penalty charges anywhere in the UK.”


One of Europcar’s ‘Model Guaranteed’ service promise means the renter will get exactly the model booked – and that includes diesels. These include VW Golf, VW Golf a/t, Mercedes A Class, Audi A1, VW Tiguan and Nissan X-Trail.

Smith added: “Some people want to book a model with which they are already familiar for a stress-free drive; others want to know that their hire car will give them the capacity – for people and luggage – that they need. With at least 24 hours’ notice, Europcar customers can book a specific make and model, knowing that’s what they’ll get and that it will fit their requirements for a stress-free trip.”

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