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New super Suzuki GSX for 2017 Kyalami Bikes Show

  • First viewings since global launch
  • Take bikes on track test rides
  • New GSX has more power, drive modes
Image: Suzuki
Suzuki’s GSX-R1000A: Image: Suzuki
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Suzuki’s GSX-R1000A will have its first public viewing and be available for track test rides at the 2017 South African Bike Festival at Kylami from May 26-28.
The machine will be on display in the main exhibition centre along with two other new motorcycles.
Image: Suzuki
Suzuki’s GSX-R1000A: Image: Suzuki
The 150kW GSX-R1000A has, Suzuki says, been equipped with a number of engine technologies adapted from its MotoGP programme, among them ‘racing’ variable valve timing which, the bikemaker says, will increase engine power at high revs without compromising mid-range torque and driveability.
It also has an “advanced” exhaust system and the rider can toggle engine mapping on the move with a drive-mode selector.

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Stuart Baker, Suzuki SA’s sales manager, told The Corner in a media release: “The new GSX-R1000A was worth the wait. Riders are going to be surprised by how tthe new engine delivers its power and the ease with which the more compact frame improves high-speed handling.”

Also on the Suzuki stand will be the new SV650 and GSX-250R, in South Africa soon after its global release.

WATCH VIDEO: Upcoming Suzuki’s GSX-R1000A on track

The V-twin SV650, Suzuki says, was well-received as marking “a return to its original roots” while packing several technologies also seen on the GSX-R1000A, among them Easy Start and a Low-Speed Assist system that regulates engine power and makes slow traffic easier to negotiate.

Image: Suzuki
Suzuki’s GSX-R1000A: Image: Suzuki

The GSX-250R will showcase its new design, its upgraded parallel-twin engine and its full-LCD instrument cluster.



New Suzuki cars and marine products will also be on the stand at Kyalami.

ON FOUR WHEELS: Suzuki’S funky compact crossover, the Ignis, for the first time at the show. The Ignis, the automaker says, combines the brand’s compact-car expertise with its off-road knowledge. READ: World, we have Ingnision’

SUZUKI IGNIS: Coming from Suzuki Motors. Image:: Suzuki
SUZUKI IGNIS: Coming from Suzuki Motors. Image:: Suzuki / Newspress


SUZUKI MARINE will in turn show why it’s the global leader in four-stroke outboard motors. There will also be several outboard engines, boats from Mariners Hub, and a special Suzumar inflatable. READ MORE ON Suzumar boats



The 2017 SA Bike Show will be open to the public from May 26-28 at the Kyalami International Grand Prix circuit, north-west of Johannesburg. For more information about the event go visit its website.

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