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Kia design kingpin Schreyer gets top UK award

  • Sturmey Award recognises Kia/Hyundai decade of change
  • Schreyer commended for ‘clean-sheet’ Kia challenge
  • Autocar says he transferred his philosophy to Hyundai
Image: Autocar / Newspress
HONOUR FOR AN ICON: Kia (previously Audi) chief designer Peter Schreyer (left) receives his Sturmey award from Autocar’s editor Mark Tisshaw. Image: Autocar / Newspress

LONDON, England – It’s been 10 years since Peter Schreyer was recruited to change Korean automaker Kia’s design strategy; to turn the brand into a design-led company. His success has been recognised with Autocar magazine’s Sturmey Award.

He previously worked for Audi.

The Sturmey, rated highly in the auto industry, “rwards outstanding personal achievement over a considerable period”. This time, the magazine said, it was for the total design revolution masterminded for Kia by Schreyer.

TOP DESIGNER: Kia / Hyundai's Peter Schreyer has won Autocar's Sturmey award for 2017. Image: Kia
TOP DESIGNER: Kia / Hyundai’s Peter Schreyer has won Autocar’s Sturmey award for 2017. Image: Kia

It also recognised that he continued that work with sister Korean company Hyundai and the group’s Genesis luxury brand.


Autocar’s editor, Mark Tisshaw, said: “This award is named for Henry Sturmey – our founder – and is given only to exceptional people we believe have made a significant and personal impact on the automotive world.

“What Peter Schreyer has done for Kia is nothing short of phenomenal – he’s made Kia a stand-out brand in design terms and expanded that creativity to Hyundai and Genesis to a point where everybody in the industry had to take notice of his every new vehicle.”

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Accepting the award, Schreyer said: “This is a very humbling… it’s so clearly individual and carefully considered. I do what I do because I love cars and the industry and believe our focus should be on strong, attractive, exciting products that deliver pride of ownership to customers.

“To have been entrusted to change completely the look of Kia, then Hyundai and Genesis, was reward in itself but to receive this recognition from the world’s oldest car enthusiasts’ magazine is thrilling!”

The award was presented during Autocar’s annual awards ceremony on May.23, 2017

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