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Renault takes smartphone assistance to new strata

  • Manage cars and servicing dates from your smartphone
  • Built-in satnav whether driving or walking
  • Even an emergency assistance pad button

PARIS, France – Renault has announced an updated version of its My Renault smartphone application for Android and iOS systems to connect drivers not only to their car but also to their Renault “environments”.

The automaker sees it as an upgrade to complement a ”safe, fun, and efficient customer experience”.

Benoît Joly, Renault’s marketing director for connected vehicles, told The Corner in a media release: “The new My Renault application is a milestone event in new connected-car services that enable customers to configure their own mobility practices.

renault apps pos 1
Image: Renault / Newspress

“A smartphone will be central to the customer experience offered by My Renault to provide direct access to their preferred suppliers for a broad choice of services.”

Renault explains the three main vehicle-connected functions in its own words:

Connected navigation
Route-planning starts and ends on the smartphone. The application logs the latest location where the car was parked so it is possible to programme the next route from this location using the smartphone and send it to the car’s satnav ready for when the driver climbs in.

Then, when the driver leaves the vehicle, navigation will continue in pedestrian mode from the parking spot through to the destination, switching over to his/her preferred navigation application (Feature available early 2018).

renault apps pos 2
Image: Renault / Newspress

Remote information access
The user can query current vehicle facia data directly from the phone: fuel gauge (or battery charge), tyre pressure, average fuel consumption, journey log, etc. He/she can set alerts for low fuel level or low battery charge and view eco-driving advice based on the score calculated by the car’s computer.

Renault Services
Fingertip access to all Renault services. The owner can set the vehicle’s maintenance schedule by kilometreage and display a price estimate for each service then contact the preferred dealer directly from the schedule. Should the need be urgent the application can indicate the route to the nearest dealer.

There’s even an emergency button to alert Renault Assistance.

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The new application will be phased in across a selection of the countries covered by Renault towards the end of 2017 (check with your local dealer or distributor). It will be regularly updated to include new functions and to extend the user’s connected ‘ecosystem’.

Eventually, Renault says, there will be compatibility to cover more and more new and older Renault models.

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