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Nissan X-Trail: 2017 upgrade for ‘world’s most popular SUV’

  • Nissan’s flagship crossover and best-seller upgraded
  • Focus on fresh exterior design, cabin refinement, practicality
  • Will be available with ProPILOT autonomous driving capability
2017 NISSAN X-TRAIL. Image: Nissan / Newspress
2017 NISSAN X-TRAIL. Image: Nissan / Newspress

NISSAN’S X-TRAIL, SAID to be the world’s best-selling SUV, is now in Europe’s showrooms with a range of upgrades that include  a distinctive redesign of the exterior, an improved cabin with new features, additional practicality and new technology intended to improve passengers’ safety.

The SUV will be – in Europe at least – available with ProPILOT autonomous drive technology.

The enhancements, the automaker says, have been based on buyers’ feedback – changes intended to reinforce the X-Trail’s position as what is described as “the perfect car for family adventures”.

2017 NISSAN X-TRAIL. Image: Nissan / Newspress
2017 NISSAN X-TRAIL. Image: Nissan / Newspress

Philippe Saillard, Nissan Europe’s senior vice-president for sales and marketing, told The Corner in a media release: “Demand for crossovers is growing and the X-Trail being No.1 in global sales is a huge honour.

“These latest enhancements will deliver more of what our customers want for family adventures.”


The cars, to be in Europe’s showrooms in August 2017, are described by their maker as “a highly capable five- or seven-seater”. They will also be sold in the US – though badged as Rogue – and more than 3.7-million have been sold globally since launch in 2000.

That includes almost a half-million in Europe, About 115,000 have been sold in Europe since the third generation was launched in 2014 and demand has grown significantly year-on-year.

Sales doubled from 2014 through 2015 and the total rose again by another 40% the following year. It was also a record-breaker, including Rogue sales, through 2016 when the X-Trail was the world’s most popular SUV with 766 000 sold – more than any rival model

2017 NISSAN X-TRAIL. Image: Nissan / Newspress
2017 NISSAN X-TRAIL. Image: Nissan / Newspress

“Earlier in 2017,” Nissan said, “we introduced a two-litre, 132kW, diesel engine; now we have added a distinctive and robust exterior, even higher-quality interior refinement, extra practicality for and innovative technology.

“The X-Trail has always been known for its sculpted and muscular styling, with chiselled lines, high wheel-arches and elegant curves on the bonnet.”


All of those characteristics, Nissan added, remain and are now showcased through a distinctive and robust redesign of the front end, “adding a new dynamism and more premium styling cues”.

The ‘V-motion’ grille has been made wider and is now flanked by new headlight clusters with, Nissan says, “much clearer design differentiation between the halogen units on Visia, Acenta and N-Connecta models and full diodes on Tekna.

Each, however, has a fresh version of the familiar ‘boomerang’ daytime running lights.

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The diode-lit units include headlights which swivel in accordance with speed and steering position – something now also present on the Nissan Qashqai and new for cars sold in Europe. The high-beam pattern is, Nissan says, now wider.

The front foul-weather lights (Acenta upwards) have evolved from round to rectangular.

2017 NISSAN X-TRAIL. Image: Nissan / Newspress
2017 NISSAN X-TRAIL. Image: Nissan / Newspress

The front parking sensors have been recessed into the bumper; the rear bumper has been redesigned to look more robust and has chromed detailing. The tail lights have been upgraded to being diode-lit and the parking sensors also recessed.

A new range of 17″ (Visia and Acenta) and 18″ (N-Connecta and Tekna) alloy wheel rims is are now standard; the existing 19″ rims (optional on Tekna) have been carried over.


The 2017 X-Trail is marginally longer (50mm) at 4.690m bumper-to-bumper but the same width (1.830m), height (1.710m) and wheelbase (2.705m). The SUV’s Cd is still 0.32

Six of the eight 2016 body colours have been carried over, four shades added – orange, ruby, sapphire blue, and brown.

2017 NISSAN X-TRAIL. Image: Nissan / Newspress
2017 NISSAN X-TRAIL. Image: Nissan / Newspress

The car’s cabin has a number of upgrades, perhaps the most noticeable being the new steering wheel which, the automaker says, “echoes the design of Nissan’s newest models globally and is standard across the X-Trail range”. It is D-shaped (horizontal base) to allow easier seat access by the driver.

The wheel’s compact hub is smaller than before, the three spokes slimmer, to improve instrument visibility. The four-way controllers for the combimeter display (left spoke) and cruise control (right spoke) are new.

The wheel is also slightly wider to, Nissan says, “provide a more comfortable and safer grip”. Silver detailing repeats the shape of the car’s ‘V-motion’ grille.


Whether customers select the five- or seven-seat version (seven-seat image above) the leather upholstery (standard on Tekna grade) has better quilting to better define seat contours.

Seat heating, front and rear, has been introduced as standard on Tekna grade. For customers seeking something different, tan and black two-tone leather is a Tekna option.

“Other cabin upgrades.” Nissan says, “add to the higher-quality ambience and greater refinement of the 2017 X-Trail. A leather knee pad on each side the centre console has been added and the area above the glove box has a contemporary finish.

“”The air vents now have a glossy black surface.”

2017 NISSAN X-TRAIL. Image: Nissan / Newspress
2017 NISSAN X-TRAIL. Image: Nissan / Newspress

The new X-Trail has a wider range of interior door trim according to model; the central armrest storage has been redesigned. Units with CVT XTronic automatic transmission have a restyle gear selector and “leather-style” gaiter.

“The new X-Trail,” Nissan says, “is perfect for adventurous families. It continues to offer exceptional space and comfort, including best-in-class knee room in the second row of seats.

“It has clever storage solutions and practical features such as slide/recline for the second-row seats. Seven-seat versions – 40% of sales in Europe – offer easier access to the roomy third row.”

Check with your local dealer for more information.

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