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Datsun vows affordable motoring for young workers

FIVE SEATS OR SEVEN? The 2016 Datsun Go+ makes the choice yours – and there’s also a panel-van version. Image: Datsun SA
FIVE SEATS OR SEVEN? The 2016 Datsun Go+ makes the choice yours – and there’s also a panel-van version. Image: Datsun SA

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – The importance of mobility and easy commuting is vital to help young people in South Africa to find their places in the job market.

Des Fenner, general manager of Datsun South Africa sees affordable motoring as vital in this respect.

“We’re wrestling with the provision of integrated public transport,” he said. “The long distances between  city centres, tertiary education institutions, townships and suburbs mean, for many, long commutes ‘with several changes of buses, taxis and trains. Commutes of four hours a day are becoming common so a car is more than a convenience – it’s a life-changing acquisition.”


Cost, however, is a major obstacle for younger people still way down in the salary scale because car prices are rising faster than pay cheques are growing.

Fenner again: “It was against a tough economic backdrop that Datsun launched the Datsun Go in South Africa in 2014. We believed there was space for the Datsun brand, popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s’ (when it was absorbed into Nissan – Ed). The  Go is intended to address  the needs of young first-time buyers.

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“Within a year of launch our niche-market strategy was rewarded with the vehicle becoming sales leader in the A-segment of the car market so we introduced the Datsun Go+ for families seeking affordable transport for up to seven people.  We also launched the Datsun Go+ van for entrepreneurs and the popularity of our range was confirmed by us selling more than 500 units in May 2017.”


For two consecutive years (2015/16) the Datsun Go range was ranked as “most affordable car to maintain” by the independent Kinsey Report.

Fenner said: “The A-segment offers high levels of modern styling, comfort, economy and affordable maintenance. We expect the Datsun Go, Go+ and Go+ van will be seriously considered by young drivers.”

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