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VW unbuttons Golf hybrid image myths

  • UK-created ‘The Button’ video shows off hybrid Golf GTE
  • VW aims to bust myth that hybrids have to be dull
  • 40% of buyers are interested in a hybrid/electric car
ELECTRIC POWER: Image: VW UK / Newspress
GETTING THE MESSAGE ACROSS: A screen shot from the VW Golf GTE video. We’re only allowed to carry the video link from 7.30pm on July 1 2017. Watch the advertisement here.   Image: VW UK / Newspress

MILTON KEYNES, England – Volkswagen will tomorrow (1 July) airing a new UK-created television campaign designed to bust one of the myths around the appeal of some hybrid-powered cars.

The brand’s new ‘button’ ad, which champions the responsible use of power available in the sporty Golf GTE, will have its UK TV debut tonight during prime time on the ITV network show ‘The Voice Kids’.

The humorous tongue-in-cheek advert created by global agency Adam&Eve/DDB in co-operation with the VW UK marketing team, is intended to show how “responsible use of power” in the potent Golf GTE makes hybrid motoring as enjoyable as it is environmentally acceptable.

ELECTRIC POWER: Image: VW UK / Newspress
TOUCH OF CLASS: …but under the bonnet are five drive modes and serious performance potential. Image: VW UK / Newspress

The video was created, in part, to address motorists’ attitudes ás highlighted in recent research by global market intelligence agency Mintel.

The data, generated from a study of attitudes towards electric and hybrid vehicles, is said by VW to show clearly that many drivers who say they would consider a hybrid/electric car are ultimately concerned by factors such as running costs, the availability of hybrid and electric cars, and supposed performance compromises.


Mintel’s figures show 38% of drivers in their survey would consider a hybrid/electric car.

Only four percent did so.

VW UK’s national communications manager Glyn Butterworth told Carman’s Corner in a media release: “The ‘button’ advert is our light-hearted way of addressing a serious point. Today’s updated 150kW Golf GTE (under combined ignition engine and battery power) and 7.6sec 0-100km/h time is the opposite of the “worthy but dull” hybrid image.

ELECTRIC POWER: Image: VW UK / Newspress
GOLF WITH A SECRET: No real indication of the dual drive system in the VW Golf GTE. Image: VW UK / Newspress

He added: “Pressing the ‘GTE’ button on the Golf’s centre console allows the combined 1.4 TSI 112kW petrol engine and 75kW electric motor to operate together to ‘unlock a lively turn of pace’.

“We’re not encouraging people to drive irresponsibly – indeed, the idea behind the Golf’s hybrid GTE power train is to maximise range – but the Golf’s petrol+electric potential is something of which we are proud. We hope the gentle nod to various movie genres in this TV campaign will make people smile while making them reappraise their view of hybrids.”

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VW says the petrol-electric hybrid offers a compelling mix of engaging GTI-style dynamics, responsible e-Golf-style sustainability and generous GTD-style range. It’s available with a choice of two trim levels – the entry-level Golf GTE is joined by a GTE Advance.”

The total potential range of the Golf GTE is about 800km and the battery power along can manage about 50km. Potential top speed is listed as 220km/h. In battery-only mode the car can achieve about 130km/h.

ELECTRIC POWER: Image: VW UK / Newspress
GREAT PACKAGING JOB:  Conventional petrol power and electric drive sardined under the Golf GTE’s bonnet. Image: VW UK / Newspress

High-performance is on tap, VW says… a press of the centre console-mounted GTE button delivers the potential for spirited acceleration that comes via the instant torque of the electric motor working with the broad power of the turbocharged petrol engine.

The updated Golf GTE has five operating modes: ‘E-mode’, ‘GTE mode’, ‘Battery Hold’, ‘Battery Charge’ and ‘Hybrid Auto’.

The 8.7kWh lithium-ion battery can be charged in less than four hours from a domestic outlet or a little more than two hours from a dedicated domestic wall box.

  • For reference only the cars retail in the UK for the equivalent of about R505 500 (June 2017).

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